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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

No Game Build is OP

Zac Richards

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Have always known the best times throughout my life so far have involved the fewest games.  Committing to doing this for at least 90 days to see what happens.

It is currently day 2, maybe 3.  Day 3 of controlling myself, officially day 2 of no games.

Made this decision 2 days ago, however at that point, had to win just one more battle (That I couldn't play until the next day).  And deleted Pokemon Go right after that.  Changed my screen time to allow for 1 minute of games per day (and will do zero that's the least you can put.)

 Know that I HAVE to make commitments and fill the voids with various activities so I signed up for Gamequitter. 

Additionally, accomplished several things in real life that rarely get touched. Went shopping (usually wait until I run out of everything + a day to go), washed my sheets (that didn't happen very often), and got way more work done than in a typical day.  Even did a simple work out in the morning and walked 5,000 steps in my basement.  Went into the office for the first time in 6 weeks.. boss didn't say anything about coming back in after getting sick so I just stayed at home (providing an even easier environment to play games all day).  Finished the day watching Billy Gardera, a hillarious comedian.  Noticed that life on games does not evolve much laughter at all... it was all so serious. Grind this out, make more stardust, get more, blah blah blah it never ended.

Excited to put games in the past.  Think for now it is fine to compare to see how much more enjoyable life is without games. 

This is my accountability and plan on journaling about random things here.


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Day 5 complete.

Noticed I've been feeling a lot better overall.  Yet to have a single outburst of anger and always used to take pride on being pretty laid back and not freaking out over things.  

Went to casino yesterday to play poker to see if I could control myself (used to be a professional poker player) and succeeded.  Social environment and challenging.  Still felt quite anxious while playing and am looking into vitamins etc that may help with this.  There's so much time to do things now it is great.

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Day 6 & 7 complete.


Weekend is weird.  Really not sure what to do.  Still learning how to talk to people I don't know.  Been reading books on social interaction and reflected and learned that I'm often doing things that makes people go away.  Which was fine when I was a depressed teen and didn't want to deal with people and knew what I wanted.  Just have to keep working on it.

Had a bit of a mental lapse this morning and watched 5 hours of youtube this morning.  Recovered strong with a walk.  Still game free.  Want to pretty badly but I've gone too far to go backwards.

Don't think going to the casino is something I'm mentally ready for.  Even though it is a great social environment and challenging... poor results and not wanting to deal with emotions led to this Youtube binge night/morning.  A shame because it's a low effort step that fulfills a lot of needs.  Thinking of moving to a bigger city with way more younger people my age with less restrictions.  Or going travelling.


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