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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Joe Sight


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Day 1 of my new detox.

Tried before but got up to 21 days before I relapsed.

I need to change some things if I want a greater chance of success.

So I am calling a therapist right after I post this, and am going to attend a CGAA zoom meeting today, and hopefully on a regular basis.

I am also teaching myself to knit, which has been good for occupying my hands and calming me down.

I will be back here tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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Day 2.

I was able to tell my main friend who I game with that I have a video game problem and I want to go cold turkey.

He was really supportive which I am thankful for.

This should make it easier since I wont be tempted as much when I hang out with him, definitely a weight off my shoulders.

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