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Quitting this habbit

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Hello All,

My name is Michael, I was born and raised in Long Island New York. I ended up traveling quite often due to my service in the Marine Corps, therefore I ended living in a few different places throughout my life such as Chile, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, California, Nevada, and currently residing in North Carolina, which is going to change shortly and will be moving to South Carolina. I started playing video games when I was around 7 I think. I got pretty serious with it at around 11 years old after having to deal with sexual abuse from someone who was real close to me, and then physical and mental abuse from one of my parents. Gaming was my coping mechanism for everything. Am I bored? Game Time. Am I stressed? Game Time. Am I angry at my parent, friend, teacher, myself , etc.? Game Time. I always leaned to gaming to not have to deal with any kind of undesirable emotion. Because of this, I never really asked myself what I wanted to do with my life. There was no need to think too far ahead, because I knew my answer was going to be ....umm gaming duh. I did make a choice to enlist and that provided soooooo many great opportunities for me and it is most likely the reason why I still breath to this day. I enlisted in 2010 and in that whole time however I still would game quite often when I could. Once I finished my service in 2016 , my gaming started to get wayyy out of hand again. Well fast forward to right now, I am 29 years old. So I have been gaming obsessively for about 18 years now. I definitely have many acquaintances but very very few friends. My relationships with family is ehhh to poor. I have trouble concentrating on tasks. I have no actual goals other than obtaining my bachelors on Philosophy , which I am working on at the moment.  I found game quitters a few months ago after watching Cam's TED Talk on YouTube about quitting gaming. Just a few weeks before watching his talk, I had a belief that I possibly am addicted to gaming (this realization came in thanks to practicing mindfulness and meditation). After seeing his talk, it solidified the belief. I am most certainly addicted. I took so long to sign up with game quitters because I tried quitting on my own. And I did.... for 5 days, and then I couldn't handle it and had to game again. I was aware that I needed to quit, but couldn't. This is why I decided to sign up. So I can have support available of like minded individuals, and so I can get out of this never ending hell hole of addiction. If anyone needs or wants to chat about anything, feel free to contact me. I love traveling so perhaps there are people out there that would like to get together and do like a group trip. That would be so much fun. Cam , thanks again for coming out with your story and for establishing this community and service.

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