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Introduction - Quiting Battlefield 3


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Hello All,


I had been playing BF3 since 2011 the date the game was released. Since then, I am constantly playing. I was. As I decided to quit gaming forever. Imagine that I was playing first on PS3 - I had 1100 hours of play. Then after 2 years I switched to PC. On BF3 on PC I have more than 1800 h played. It is a lot. I know.

For many years I was trying to quit gaming, but unfortunately without any success. I am tired of this. I know for sure that I am addicted. I feel craving all the time, and each time I allow myself to play- I am telling myself that will be playing only one round maybe two - just convincing myself that I control this. After 4, (sometimes more, even 8 -10 h) I got to realize that I broke my resolution. It is causing a very bad feeling, I am very anxious, and game itself makes me more nervous. All taht is caused bc of playing.  I have a good life though, I have a wife, own apartment, a car. But I feel like this game addictions stops me, dragging me down. I feel unaccomplished as I know I could do so much better in many areas.

That’s all from me.

Please keep the fingers crossed

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