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Found 4 results

  1. In my previous post, I shared my goals related to gaming. Here's what happened in a month: I completed two games ( A Physical Escape Game + A Game at the Arcade ) Spring Cleaning for the Lunar New Year More time in my workplace ( Lesser working from home) The above satisfies me because: I aim to complete five games before considering purchasing any more I fulfilled a family commitment I became more active and social Elsewhere: I completed Gaming the System Podcast #11 today. Exposing myself to a painful past (Playing Dota 2 after six years) Threw out expired G Fuel
  2. Update: I will now be posting about my life and achievements here. I have decided i will post whenever i want, and when i come on I will communicate with the community. Notes 1: Started binge watching cam's videos, I forgot how inspiring and helpful they are! Now i will break up hobbies I want to do based on seasons (things i want to learn) Spring: Fishing (or summer) Kite Flying Orienteering (includes hiking!) Canoeing Summer: Sailing Swimming (i can swim but I want to practice my strokes) Barbequeing (I have no idea how to use a BBQ) Diving Fall: going to tag sales (this could be anytime but fall seems nice) Holiday decoration (also anytime based on the holiday but most holidays come during the latter half of the year) Making homemade food (homemade apple cider, pumpkin pie etc.) Pumpkin carving Winter: Snowshoeing Fire building (no idea how to start and maintain fire in fireplace) Skiing Ice skating Home designing (can do anytime but doing it in winter sounds fun, like re moving things) Thing i want to do rn The thing i want to do rn is design an app that helps people get off their phones. According to research Americans spend over 5 hours every day on their phones. I have noticed that like games phones can cause the same feelings; brain fog, crankiness, headaches and more. Like forest, reducing screen time. instead however i want it to show things people can do besides their devices and what negative things come with phones, just like cam for games in a sense. While the app is on the phone, the app will be used for good instead of sucking them in.
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  4. First I wanted to say that I believe that games can be enjoyed in moderation, I just happen to be bad at moderation, but I'm getting better. I discovered JockoPodcast in January and you could say I became a disciple in March. JockoPodcast has lots of stories from military people and book discussions focusing on discipline, leadership, and in a broad sense what it means to have a good life. I highly recommend it because it isn't focused on faddish "self-improvement", but on self-transformation through practical advice for attitude adjustment. After hearing all the war stories its hard to think of anything in my soft and pampered life as "difficult". Even before I decided to quit gaming waking up at 4am as Jocko recommended, and consequently going to bed at 8pm, naturally decreased my overall gaming time because there was no longer several hours of "dead" time between dinner and bed. After many hours of podcast I concluded that my life would be better without "most" gaming and I'm here because I'm acting on that belief, one small step at a time. Previously my go-to timewaster was hearthstone or some other card game to fill in the hours I had to sit at my desk for work, a single player game or watching streams between work and dinner, and streams or gaming after dinner until bed. This fundamentally made me a worse worker since I was doing my job between hearthstone games or sometimes while playing a game. And I wasn't paying enough attention to my family and household and didn't have any other goals to pursue. Playing games was my focus and the rest of life happened in between game sessions, sometimes frustrating me because reality took me away from a game I was particularly fond of. Current plan - 30 day timeline: stop single player games for "entertainment" or to fill time stop watching twitch streams (at this time streams and work are my only non-family social interaction so that is rough) Permitted gaming: pokemon go if I'm not at home and waiting for something to happen, like at the mall waiting for auto service desktop/console gaming with my children - the family plays mario kart together sometimes gameplay as long as I am streaming I'm not naturally social so talking for long periods of time drains my energy. Streaming is one way I can build endurance for real social encounters, even if nobody is watching I always continuously talk like they are. I honestly don't like streaming at all, I just started doing it because it was the "cool thing the kids are doing", thats why I feel like for me personally it won't hurt me to indulge in gaming while on stream.
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