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  1. It has been a while since I've been here and I never formally introduced myself. But I remember seeing this forum when it first came into existence. Very happy to see a resurgence in quitting video games. The names Darren btw. Respawn was in its first iteration and I remember picking it up and reading up on it. That first part of killing off my steam account is something I just couldn't do and while I never deleted any of them (sunk cost fallacy in motion) I did stop gaming for little over 60 days. I still play league of legends on occasion and my life is far from perfect, but I'm a lot happier with myself then I was when I was non-stop playing games. Trust me, I think you can have a healthy relationship with video games, but you must learn how to control it first before you go back into it. If you're still feeling glum about not ever being able to game again, just take a break and you might potentially be able to start gaming and feel happy about yourself. Anyways, I do have some friends that I hang out with (I love pool) and am trying to make it as an affiliate marketer. Anyways, I've always wanted to help people and I'm still struggling with finding another really good hobby, although working for myself as an affiliate marketer is really good. I'm planning on doing a few articles about video game addiction as my website is all about making money online, but also the productivity and lifestyle you will need to have in order to make passive income. You can't be making money if you're gaming all the time and for many people that is a barrier to entry. I don't know if it's against the rules to post my own links, but if I'm allowed to do so I'll post something. Still want to drastically increase my social skills (especially with girls) and turn my dreams of passive income into a reality. Anyways, I'll try my hardest to post and if it's not against the rules, I'd be more then willing to post some of my content from my site. Have a great day
  2. Realistically, you've gotten to the point where you're quitting after a few hours online and that is a massive improvement. So pat yourself on the back and stopping being so hard on yourself. Your next goal (write this down) is to stop logging in. Dealing with friends can be a massive problem. There are many different scenarios and I'm lucky to have had friends that were understanding and didn't pressure me to game with them, it sounds like you don't have that luxory. If you're telling me your friends are giving you flack because you made the decision to quit gaming then ditch them. They're not your real friends. If you need to tell them to fuck off then do it. Your future is contingent upon having a supportive group of people and making sure your environment is conducive to quitting gaming, not an enabler. So ditch them if they give you any shit. If it makes you feel better, make them your primary motive to become more successful then them. You've already made a good choice coming here to game quitters. If you have an S.O he should be understanding of your situation. It would be nice if he stopped gaming, but like you have outlined, he doesn't have a problem with it and you can't stop him from playing. Also, you have hobbies that you can actually pursue and already understand, so just start getting into those more.