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  1. That's huge! Congrats 😄 What caused you to open the game in the first place?
  2. I used to tell myself that I wanted to moderate my gaming use. It wasn't until 5 or 6 years into my journey that I realized it was impossible for me to become who I wanted to be if I was still gaming. To get to this point you have to evaluate a few things: are you addicted? what benefits you're getting from gaming, if any where do you want to be in 3 years and is gaming a part of that? how much of a negative impact gaming is having on your life right now? I'd also recommend watching the video I posted recently about moderating, it might help clarify a few t
  3. Not sure there's a lot I can help with this, I'm sorry. Is there no one you can talk to about changing it? Or even figuring out what the next steps would be to getting it sorted out? This has been tricky for a lot of people, and depending on the severity of the lockdown it can be tough. I'd recommend reading my reply to royal panda below about values, and then trying to structure your time accordingly. Get creative, and be imaginative with what you have availability. It's difficult but try to think about how a kid would react. They wouldn't get bored, there's so much opportunity
  4. Yeah, I love the idea of Ikigai. It sums up a lot of my beliefs in a way that's so beautifully Japanese. Eternal resting sounds like a great plan! The closest thing I've found to my Ikigai is teaching. I've dabbled in a number of different things in the past to do with teaching, but this time, with the gaming addiction stuff, it feels different. I feel purposeful, guided, passionate. Maybe this is my Ikigai after all... 🤔 Honestly? No idea. I know that a lot of types of psychology get reworked and adapted into a number of self-improvement resources, so maybe I just picked i
  5. This cracked me up 🤣 A+ journal.
  6. Recently I've found myself struggling with one very important thing - clarity. It's natural to feel some doubt about what you're doing when you take on a new project or try to accomplish something big. Ultimately, it comes down to fear. You're afraid that you'll be stuck in the same place in 1 year as you are now, and should never have bothered trying in the first place. This is exactly how I've felt once or twice this week. So, if it's a natural part of growth is there anything you can do stop it? Not really... In the past, when I first started my journey of self-improveme
  7. Good to hear you're still staying strong after so long - I'm impressed at the sheer length of this journal haha. Fun fact, you started it on my birthday 😄 Sounds like you had a productive week, it's only natural that your weekends will be more relaxed. Often times giving ourselves some mental space is the most productive thing we can do. +1 for self-love, too. I remember reading your journal in the past, it was always a sticking point and I love seeing the shift in energy from now since then. Such a genuinely inspirational journey. The diary should be mandatory reading haha. Kee
  8. Hey everyone! I'm looking for some ways that I can better serve this community, and I thought what greater way than to find out what you're struggling with right now and seeing if I can help. If it's more personal you can send me a DM, and feel free to contribute to other comments in the discussion! Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  9. Love the energy haha! Keep it up.
  10. Not an uncommon problem for people just starting out on the forum. What are you hoping to get from checking the forum all the time? Try to find ways for you to solve these needs and desires in other ways such as hobbies, learning skills, finding a passion or helping other people. I'd also recommend looking into detoxing from technology, it seems like you're wired to react to every urge you get and lack the discipline to stay away. Not a big problem right now as you're still young, but it's something you can work on over time.
  11. Sure! I'll DM you tomorrow morning. Just about to go to sleep here 🙂
  12. How have you been doing since this?
  13. To chime into this a bit: As a gamer I was low energy, undisciplined, lacking relationships, always depressed, angry, bitter, and stuck working as a waiter for 5 years. I was gaming since 3 years old, and reached some lows during my life that I never thought possible - mostly back when I wanted to be a Twitch streamer or when I failed university. Fast forward to now and I'm working online from Thailand, I have an incredibly girlfriend, I wake up every single day with a fire in my stomach and a clear mission in my head. I know which option I'd take haha.
  14. I also want to provide a bit of context for those of you coming across this for the first time. I previously worked with Cam on Game Quitters, after spending 6 years in the community. I took part in dozens of media interviews, you can read about my 32 hours gaming binge here, spoke to parliament, ran the Game Quitters podcast and more. I've worked with hundreds of people in the community over the years, and after spending some time away learning marketing, working in digital marketing, and creating an amazing life for myself in Thailand I realized that my passion ultimately li
  15. Hey! Welcome to the forums. I love the list you've come up with, some really solid action points in there, and it's awesome that you managed to climb up to the top of the ensemble - I'm sure you'll crush it! Looking forward to following along with the journey.
  16. Hey there! It's been a while since I posted on this forum, but I've come back because I came to some big realizations about gaming that I wanted to share with you all. Since playing for the last time in October, I haven't experienced any cravings to play and avoiding them has honestly been the easiest thing I've ever done. I'm not writing this journal to talk about my issues with gaming, because they don't exist any more. There are no more cravings, and I'm 100% focused on building an incredible life for myself. The truth is, quitting gaming is easy. An
  17. Day 38 >Game-free: 38 days Journal I can't tell if the thoughts I have are actual thoughts or if they're because of the detox. It's aggravating. I'm even considering moving away from Game Quitters altogether, and scrapping the gaming detox, because all it's doing is making me think of gaming every day and staying away from it - when in reality I don't want to do that. Or do I... I don't know. It's hard for me to explain my train of thought. I'm not even sure I fully understand it myself. I'm so confused about so many things. One minute I'm focused on my work an
  18. Day 37 >Game-free: 37 days Journal This weekend has been both interesting and boring at the same time. I thought I'd try to separate my week up, and do the bulk of my work on the weekdays and then use my weekends for learning + personal project stuff. I went through a bunch more of the courses I'm doing on SEO + Blogging. I knew some of it already but at the same time with every new resource I consume there's always something new to learn. It's so fascinating. I also made some good progress on my websites, they should be up and running next week. I've got some call
  19. Glad I could help! Let me know how it goes. And I think after having some time to think about it, you might be right. I need to consider my past experiences and how I've said exactly the same thing to myself in the past. We'll see how it goes! This made me think a lot today. Like a lot a lot. It's such a powerful way of thinking about it. If I wasn't concerned with moderation or relapsing or limiting or anything like that it'd just be another thing in my life. I wouldn't think about the negatives, it'd just exist in my life and that's it. Now that I know about this, though, is it
  20. Day 36 >Game-free: 36 days Journal The motivation to keep up with the journal is proving more difficult every day. Not necessarily because I don't want to, there's just nothing really happening. There's only so much I can do with my hobbies, work, and my girlfriend. There isn't 24 hours a day 7 days a week worth of stuff to do in my flat, and as a result I'm just pretty bored. I miss going out. Even if it's just to cafes or the mall or cinema or whatever. I want to game, there's no doubt about that, it'd be an easy fix to the boredom. But, obviously I'm not going to
  21. Day 35 >Game-free: 35 days >Gaming videos: 0 days Journal Productive day today. Still watched gaming videos, despite saying I was going to make an effort to avoid them. That was just an empty promise I guess, I made next to no effort at all. However, I don't mind. My attitude has shifted a lot today, and I'm feeling great for once. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I slept a lot (I woke up at like 9:30am), but I'm trying to be more relaxed in general. Or rather implement more self-care into my life. Coming to the realisation of why I experience the need
  22. Had a lot more time to think about this whole burnout thing, and it has really been eye-opening. I'll post some more information tomorrow, but I've just released a video explaining it in more detail:
  23. Day 34 >Game-free: 34 days >Gaming videos: 0 days Journal Watched a load more gaming videos today, still all of them from the same YouTuber/Streamer - Northernlion. Woke up at around 6am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I just got up and tried to do some work on my laptop. I planned on getting into deep focus mode and doing a bunch of writing. But, pretty soon after sitting down, I opened up YouTube. Fast forward to the afternoon and I just pass out while watching The Tiger King at around 3pm. End up waking at 6pm, feeling incredibly fatigued. I think I've been tr