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  1. Well, maybe delaying the issue is good for us. I mean, we can use blockers until we fix our lifestyle to the point we are happier IRL than VR can give us... Though it can take months or possibly years
  2. Day 2 It was small relapse the day before yesterday. Got some rejections in my dating life + the gap in blocking in the same day. Watched some films about dating so it took me 4 hours. Yesterday I was clear, so my plan still works.
  3. I think it works for me, because I have 2 things I date women I like + I have blocks on my computers. Change in numeration It is actually day 5 I am clear
  4. As for Youtube, Unhook extension works great. If on mobile, you can delete youtube and watch in browser using the extention
  5. Hello. Your journal is good. I use blockers too. I think it is cool practise Through years of using them I realised it is actually good. Think by yourself. Almost every app on computers ans phones has its distractions. Unlimited number intentionally designed to earn money by distracting you. Is it humanly possible to control all of them? 90%+ of people will tell you "No". So we actually may need some sort of automatic protection Another thing I realised recently, blockers only work if you also pay attention to your whole life: friends, love, work, health. For me, the more I do, the less blocks I need and vice versa if I dont, I`m prone to breaking my blocks. Maybe if you try doing things you are getting distracted by in real life, you have less desire to get distracted by them in virtual life. At least it is my theory, whats your opinion?
  6. Day 22. Clear. Im gonna take look at what others write when they are "clear" so that I know what to write next time
  7. Day 21. Last 2 days I was clear. Emotionally feel better
  8. Day 19. It`s a shame, forgot about posting. Adding this website to the taskbar so that I can remeber better this time. As for my addiction, I was completely free for only 3/7 days. This is due to gaps in blocking level and low sucess in dating (which apparently demotivates and causes to relapse). Yesterday I fixed the "blocking" part. Today I`m gonna do that thing called "Daygame". Trying to find a girfriend this way. Wish me luck, thread
  9. Day 12. I didnt procrastinate the whole previous day. The blocking of devices + call to a girl solves my urge to play video games or watch series. Like literarly I wanted to break my blocks but after I talk with her I didnt want. It seems these things only work together
  10. Here is my current strategy 1) Block computers 2) Find girlfriend;Start hanging out with friends more;Better job? 3) Lower blocking level 4) Work with PC as normal person In my opinion, being social can naturally replace my gaming and watching. Maybe not only mine
  11. Day 10. On the day 2 I continued binge watching. I was forced to block most of websites on my PC but forgot to add this website to the white list. Today I`m back again. During the last week I watched on my phone, so I blocked my phone for 45 minutes for each 15 I use it. The same with the second PC and TV, I plugged them off and hid the wires as far as I can. It took me days to realize I have to do all that. But I continue to watch on my phone. Im planning to lower it`s usage time to 8 min per 30 min. Maybe than I stop watching finally and have time for texting with some girls
  12. Day 1 Success: moderate I haven`t been procrastinating today. Until 23 pm. I am writing this post at 2:30 am after watching Advernture Time for way too much. Can I get better tomorrow?
  13. Day 0. My goal: never procrastinate using any computer PC procrastination includes: 1) Gaming 2) Binge watching 3) Reading news more than once a week 4) Any movies while I am alone Let it die and be hated afterwards
  14. I have been fighting with PC procrastination for 8 years. Sometimes I win and my mind is clear from distractions for months. But every time I have got less friends or less planned work to do I RELAPSE. I have relapsed a LOT of times. 2 month ago I relapsed to playing WoT. Luckily I managed to "destroy" this addiction with some articles and posts. But this didnt stop the addiction. I started reading too much news, then too much movies about war, and today ended up just binge watching netflix series. I want to stop the cycle. I have tried a lot of things. I ve build a good automatic protection layer with program called Freedom. I plan all my actions in my journaling software. To the point that finding this forum was a planned action by me. Nevertheless, I remain relapsed for 2 month. I need help. This thread may become one of the most powerful tools to stop my procrastination
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