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  1. I used to have something called "revenge bedtime procrastination" issue two to three years ago. Since I am working in a city, 2 hours of poor traffic jam every single day makes me reach my home very late. I leave my home to work before sunrise, and reach home after sunset. I hate my life but I cant, or at least, I did not think about changing anything during that moment. What I did was to play computer games until mid night to prove to myself that I have control over my life which is not true. I was trying to run away from my problem by playing computer games and I am really lack of sleep which makes me cannot focus on my work. Until one day I had fed up with the toxic community in the games and I realized that I need a change. To save time from bad traffic, I moved somewhere nearer to my office. As first step, I removed all my computer games and switch to phone games. Then, I force myself to join sport activity to make myself healthy. After few weeks, I switched again from playing phone games to watching youtuber playing it (with beer and snacks) meanwhile forcing myself to join more outdoor activities (at least 5 days a week). Now I am addicted to archery and basically I am no longer feel the urge to play games (maybe once in a while, but I am in control). IMHO, I think 1) You need to feel the urge to quit gaming. 2) You may go "cold turkey" but that doesn't work for me, so I am kind of downgrade it step by step from computer to phone game for 2 reasons, phone have battery life and you need to charge it which stops you from playing, phone performance is poorer that PC meaning that you cant play high-end graphic burning game in phones. 3) Join as much "healthy" community as possible. I noticed that sport community most likely are kind and helpful people, especially non-competitive sports like archery, swimming etc. 4) Speak/communicate! I gave myself a target to speak with at least one community member every time I went to the sport (regardless of what topic it is). Lastly, through quitting play computer games, I have more time to sleep. I start making new friends. I get healthier, less mental stress from toxic community. Mentally, I learn to solve problems instead of running away from it. I developed the awareness of addiction towards gaming. I felt like wasted few thousand of hours in my life for computer gaming, but then, well, that's life. We were stupid when we were young.