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  1. Hi Sid! I went through a similar situation where I kept coming back to the games (uninstall/reinstall many times) and also at one point I couldn't care less about my studies in college because I was too busy playing games. I recently relapsed for about a week because of stressful life situations, and now I am redoing modules in the Respawn program to remind me of the principles that helped me stopped playing. I hope your situations get better, mate! Cheers, Stan
  2. I feel quite optimistic that the Respawn Elite Program is going to help me overcome my gaming disorder. I'm just going through the modules at my own pace at the moment.
  3. Hi my name is Stanley, I started playing games about 7 years ago when I was high school. I played right through my college years. I tried quitting on my own but I kept relapsing, so I bought Respawn Elite to help myself quit for good. I will post questions if I have any as I go through the program. Cheers from New Zealand.