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  1. Thank you @Anfni! I really appreciate your kind words. You’re one of the stories I got inspired by. What you discribe in your own journal, I feel so much the same. I really felt the part where you would game all day, feel terrible afterwards but still do it again the day after. It literally happened to me last weekend. Thank you for your message, it really helps me to keep going. Today was not that bad, just one tough moment. So on my internship they have a PS4 with FIFA. I have played some games previous weeks with 2 guys that work there. But since I wanna stop gaming, I should probably stop that too. They both asked me to play a game today, but I didn’t want to tell them I’m addicted. So I just told them I didn’t really feel like it today. I felt pretty proud about myself, cause deep down I wanted to say yes. Partially because I didn’t want to come up with an excuse. But the problem is that I can’t use that excuse for the next 3 months. I don’t really know what to tell them. So if anyone has a solution, feel free to let me know. Day 2: ✔️ Listen to the silence it has so much to say
  2. Hello everyone! I’m a 20 year old guy from the Netherlands. Journalling is a pretty new thing for me to do. I’ve never really liked writing, but I want to give this a try since all of you guys inspired me with your stories. Yesterday I’ve cried since a really long time. I find it hard to talk about, but gaming destroyed so much of my life. And yesterday all emotions came out. At that point I knew I had to stop gaming if I wanted to make something of my life. So I deleted every single game on my phone and pc. This time to stop for good, and not those little tries where I only deleted some games and installed them again a week later. I might give some more background information another day. But for now I’m glad to say that I got through the first day of getting the life I’ve always wanted. Day 1: ✔️ Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger