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  1. I want to sign up! Thank you Cam for this initiative. I want to refrain from playing games, watching streams and youtube videos.I want this challenge to last for 30 days. I failed my attempt to do the 90 day challenge, so I will start with one month. Plus, June is a time when I will be fasting as part of Ramadan - what a great time to refrain from gaming.My ultimate goal is to detach myself from gaming and all other addictive forms of entertainment. I want to reach this goal by taking it one month at a time.There are so many things that I want to be doing with my life, and gaming has been, is and will always be an obstacle and a time sink to them all. There is no gaming in moderation for me as I have failed to do so all too many times. I feel, think and believe that I must stop gaming for so many reasons, yet I have not been able to snap out of it. Enough is enough. Now is the time for me to change myself. I always believe that there is nothing greater than willpower and hard work - I want to prove it to myself by completing this challenge.
  2. Day 2 Questions are running loose in my head, questions like "Do I really want to stop playing games?". I cycled around the city running errands today until the afternoon. For a while now I have been lying in bed watching comedic scripts on Youtube which, to be frank, I find only ever so slightly funny. At some point I was looking at League of Legends images on Google, thinking about reinstalling. I have to sort out some food for myself, but I feel like I am depleted of energy and the only way to regain it is to start the installation. I know that this feeling is deceptive, but the reasons as to why I am fighting it are becoming blurrier by the hour. I'm thinking that I'll order takeaway tonight as a way to help fight these digital temptations. Then again that could be just another excuse looking to trigger others. Anyway, this is day 2, and I hope my promises will make it to their trilogy. By the way, I think I use befuddling phrases to avoid making reality-reflecting-remarks.
  3. Thank you for the support @DuckyMcDuck, I appreciate it. You are right about MOBAS. I always tried to be the calm and cool player in LOL , but nonetheless I see your point and yes there are many things I also don't like about LOL like how it forces me to see unfair games through to their end even when players disconnect. I am interested in your experience with DOTA. We could use the messaging system of the forum, or a chat system outside the forum. What do you prefer? I now see your point about how its down to us at the end of the day and not the game. I don't want to distrust myself by breaking this promise that I've broken all too many times in the past. I ended up finishing the few episodes I had left from Big Bang Theory's new season so I might check out Lucifer next time I want to watch a series. As regards to duolingo etc., I found out about Memrise, a similar platform, on the forum and so I was practicing my French in these last hours of the night before I can happily hit the sick after a day without gaming. I hope to talk to you soon.
  4. Day 1 Firstly I want to say that the forum helped me quite a bit last night to ease my desire to play games by acting as an alternate way for me to use my computer. As for today, I started off strong, but I am struggling now. In the morning, I spent some time setting up apps on my phone so I can read the news and technology reviews. I thought of this as an idea to break my bad habit of watching Youtube videos of League of Legends entertainers. Then I worked for my part time job as an exam invigilator, which actually gives me a lot of time to think since the students are quite tamed . I gave a little bit of thought to my idea of energy generation from rain, and realised that gutters are structures that already gather and amplify rain water. I'm pretty sure the idea is inviable, but I enjoy imagining it. After work, I had lunch with a couple of my friends and had a chance to catch up with them. It was all nice until I headed back home in the afternoon. When I returned to my room, I instantly had urges to install the League and play some rounds. I am at a time where I have little work left to do for university, so I find more reasons to play games. Still, I refused to give up. At first I watched a few episodes of Big Bang Theory, because I felt like all my energy was going in to not playing games. Later I decided to collect all my change that has been aggregating over the years, and go to the supermarket to buy grapes and yogurt with them. On the way back, I stopped to stare at a seagull flying high above me and the trees in the city that I too often ignore. I smiled as I remembered myself looking at trees even in virtual realms such as the likes of Mount & Blade Warband. I think I miss nature. Right now, I am writing this journal mostly to distract myself from wanting to reinstall League. When I'm done, I think I'll watch a bit more of Big Bang Theory. I am really finding hard to stop my mind from constantly drifting to the Summoner's Rift. For a second I even thought I heard the Windows sound that pops up when I install the League. I know this sound because I have uninstalled and reinstalled it countless times . Anyway, I remember Cam saying in one of his videos that we should take each day at a time. That's what I'll do. All I want is to just make it through this night.
  5. Yes the timing is bad indeed. Just remember that Stelaris will still be there if you want to play it later, but you won't have a second chance with your exams.
  6. Hang in there buddy, you are stronger than the temptation.
  7. Thanks SundayMiharu. I tried to create music together online before, but it didn't work out. However, when I thought of other art forms, I realised that my close friend enjoys writing short stories. I'll see what he thinks about collaborating online on a short story. Thanks Cam. How does fantasy football work? Also, do you find it to be similar to gaming or not?
  8. Hi SundayMiharu. I believe that technology is my biggest passion. Whether it be reading technology magazines or working on a design project, I thoroughly enjoy it. However, I can get tired of it sometimes because I am and will be working with tecnhology for a living too. So I feel like I need something else too. I used to be very into music, play the guitar, sing and even write songs. However, I gave up on music and sold my guitar because I felt like I needed to do it in order to get over a depressive chapter in my life. I also enjoy team sports and I used to play lots of basketball in my middle school team and football in high school for fun with friends. However, ever since I came to university, I have been away from team sports mostly because of my laziness. Now I am trying to consistently go the gym to get some exercise. Looking into the future, I hope that I can find a team, club or group that I can get into to play team sports or go surfing. Surfing is like a dream of mine; I am afraid of the ocean and yet I want to conquer it by surfing. It's just difficult to go surfing here in Manchester since the only place to go surfing in the UK that I know of is Cornwall which is not close to here. Maybe one day... I know I wrote a lot for a short question, but I felt like I had to do it to understand myself. I didn't have a ready answer to give you, and I ended up looking at ways to go to Cornwall from Manchester. Thank you for wondering, SundayMiharu.
  9. I have a question that has been haunting for a long time now, and I hope that this is the right place in the forum to ask it. How can I stay in touch, other than playing games, with my old gamer friends who still play games and live in different countries? I have 3 very close friends from high school. After graduating from high school 4 years ago, we each went to universities in different countries. However, we stayed in touch by playing games together. I have countless great memories with them and am grateful to them because their company helped me feel home at a place away from home. However, they have also made it harder for me to quit gaming because they often invite me to play together. Just today one of them sent me a game as a gift so that we can all play it together. I told him about my determination to stop gaming and that we should simply talk on Skype rather than play games. The problem is that they get bored when we just talk and eventually start playing a game. I understand that I might just need to move on. However, I especially don't want to lose the friendship of one of them. He is like a brother to me. What are some ways I can stay in touch with him other than playing games together? For example, I imagine that we would enjoy playing board games but its a pity that he is in a different country. Also, we both have music as a common interest, but its difficult to do something together online. I would appreciate any idea that you may have.
  10. Hey Cam! Thank you. I saw this video a long time ago, and so it was actually nostalgic to watch it again now I'm going to keep the 3 points you made in mind if I get gaming nostalgia again.
  11. I believe that games are at least a part of the problem. Whether its the sense of accomplishment they give or a way to escape they provide, games can take priority above anything else that you thought would give you the power to control. At least that's what happened to me many times. I am glad to hear your productivity is skyrocketing! Keep up your journal too, DuckyMcDuck, because I'll be reading it.
  12. Hey again DuckyMcDuck. I see that you are in an exam period and a struggle to study for boring subjects while not playing games. Been there! This has happened to me many, many times. In fact, I failed in my first year because of games. Actually, the fear of failing again was enough to push me through all my exams and I am now in my final semester. But I am not saying you need to fail first The biggest recommendation I can give to you is to go to the library (or similar place) to study. No matter how inconvenient it may be to study there all day, a library has helped me get so much studying done. The fact that everyone else around you is studying motivates you and helps you focus. Definitely consider going to a library if you aren't already. Good luck!
  13. Hey DuckyMcDuck. We all know what's gonna happen You are right about the rationalisations. Personally, I always substituted Youtube videos or Twitch streams of League of Legends which eventually made me relapse, because I thought "If I am gonna spend time watching people play, I might as well play it myself". So I am including such videos and streams in the detox, and I recommend you do the same. By the way, good luck to you! I plan on stopping for good. The thing is, I have tried to stop for a while now and at times I realised that I really want to do other things. So I believe that, if I can get through these 90 days, I will naturally grow out of gaming. What about you, are you planning to stop for good or taking some time off?
  14. That area has a promising future! Good luck with your studies!
  15. Hi RyanGQ. I can relate to many of the things you said. Your jotlist is very helpful, so thank you for that. I just want to say that I was very impressed when reading about how you wrote a book about your breakup. Putting aside its emotional connection for you, the time and effort you must have put into actually writing is admirable since you did it during a time before college when life can be both demanding and uncertain. I am not even mentioning the overarching circumstance of the detox you were going through. Also, it must be exciting to be getting a car soon. I recommend that, if you ever have the craving to game again, just take a time-out and drive your car aimlessly for a while. Go somewhere with a nice view and perhaps listen to music on the way. This is the recipe for contemplation and it can be your shield against relapse.