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  1. Plan your day, have a clear vision of what you gonna do. Focus on success instead of pushing failures away, because thinking this way, you can't achieve success without failures first. Which is bullshit. Go straight for better life. We've got your back!

  2. Well, congratulations, pal!

    I knew you can do it!

    But what are your plans right now?

    My plans right now are keeping guard up against games and continue my journey for better life. Please, my accountability, remind me about this danger of relapse few weeks after detox.

    Since the beginning of this month I'm thinking on 2017 goals. I have a little plan for next year and I hope we would discuss it on our next accountability talk.


  3. Journal entry #60

    Days game free: 90 !!!
    Procrastination free: 0

    Completed a second 90 day detox in my life!

    I didn't even knew it was today, until I've looked up my journal. I really appreciate detox for making me deal with problems instead of running from them into games, which makes situations even worse. This really ascends my life into higher level, makes it better.

  4. Hi Reno! It seems that your problem is building momentum. Also keeping focused is important too; don't forget about your plans, visualize your work clearly.
    Could I see some of your work from programming? Here or on private message, cause I'm very interested in it.

  5. Hi Alex! Haven't been here in a while, so it's good to see, that you're doing great! As always good job on those pictures, you really know how to capture the beauty.
    You did a good thing with putting aside this D&D. We(game quitters) shouldn't cheat ourselves, this is a trigger and we should be careful about it.

    Best wishes!

  6. Journal entry #59

    Days game free: 86
    Procrastination free: 11

    Lot's of hard work this week got me off track. I also had some personal issues which I don't want to discuss. I think that this vicissitudes of life ends now, so my focus on better life is even stronger, improved with new experiences.

    Gratitude journal:
    - Dealing with problems, instead of running from them



  7. Journal entry #58

    Days game free: 78
    Procrastination free: 3

    I'm feeling better now; thank you guys for your support. :)
    Getting back on track.
    Done housekeeping and training with my friend.
    Friday: Spent whole afternoon with my gf, after coming back home from work.
    Saturday(today): Almost whole day at university, but I've managed to help my mother in the morning(snow removal from driveway and yard, basement cleaning)

  8. It's nice to see that you like my website, this really motivates me!

    Thank you @Cam Adair, stay tuned for even more progress!

    Thanks @hycniejsy I didn't made it, I found it somewhere on the internet and liked this motivator. Just needed a picture to test my skills in handling it(viewing, resizing, positioning, drawing kickass frame with shadow effect) so I used it!

    Thank you for your advice @Robin, another meal is also a way of increasing a gain but I follow your strategy cause effects are the same, without having to spend more time on another meal preparation. Thanks for the support, but lets make a deal, that we both get our goals done, OK?


  9. Journal entry #56

    Days game free: 66
    Procrastination free: 12

    I'm really proud to finally pass 10 days on procrastination counter. Having twelve hours of classes on Saturday and Sunday really helped me with that.
    "I wish I had more time" I thought at first, but now I'm happy because this is the proof that I spend this time wisely, doing productive things.

    Lines of code written yesterday(HTML, CSS, JS):  129 (HTML & CSS only)
    Effect of this code:



    Although number of lines of code isn't very impressive, it's a milestone for me. My code starts to be clearer and better, in fewer lines I write more functional code. The most important aspect here, is resizebility of a page, which scales to different devices or even window resizing(which you can see by comparing first picture with second picture, right window), functions which keeps website content scaled and in place, can easily be copied and filled with anything from text, through buttons, to pictures. With this project I tried to copy most repeating website design used by entrepreneurs. At first I wanted to add more finish to this, like buttons, footer, transition effects etc. but I already know how to make these things, so decided to leave it this way and use rest of the time to study for uni.

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