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  1. Robin added a topic in Fitness & Nutrition   

    Glandular Fever (Kissing Disease)
    Hey guys!
    My plan was to start my training program for 16 weeks and after that apply for the military. The problem is that the docter diagnosed Glandular Fever which is the reason of my overall fatigue. I can't do a thing at the moment. Does anyone have experience with this? And when should I expect to be able to run again? 3weeks -> 3months? It's such a bad timing since my school ends in 3 months. I need to be able to train so I can prepare for the army but the fever destroyed that vision.
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  2. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Day 3 out of 90
    Day 4 out of 90
    So far so good!
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  3. Robin added a post in a topic Join GameQuitters group on   

    Joined as well! Great idea
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  4. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Awesome guys! I've just joined as well  
    Cool to see eachothers progress!
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  5. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Just checked it out thank you :)!
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  6. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Day 2 out of 90
    1. Meditated <02>
    2. No Fap <02>
    3.No Gaming <02>
    Also the first day of my calisthenics journey. I decided to go back to the basics. This is incredibly hard, but will pay off in the long run. I know it for sure!
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  7. Robin added a post in a topic Burned out need help.   

    Thanks man! I don't think that's my problem though. 
    It is true that the winter sucks right now haha. I would like to see a bit more sun so that I don't have to wear 10 sweaters
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  8. Robin added a post in a topic Burned out need help.   

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my struggles hehe ^^
    I was definitely super addicted to achieving new goals and levels in games. I always wanted to be the best in the games which led to so much time wasted. After I'd quit gaming I kind of had the same mindset in real life. I wasn't allowed to skip a training, I wasn't allowed to eat unhealthy stuff etc. etc. These are all good things, but I had put so much stress on myself by telling me this every single day and never taking the time to reflect on my self where I was. I didn't see any progress (in my opinion) and it was burning me out. 
    This time I will rather enjoy the process. I will not put so much stress on myself and I will not be mad at myself if I don't reach a goal fast enough. I will just simply reflect on myself and do better next time. I've sold my PS4 and bought a Calisthenics course for 1 year. I'm planning on learning new skills such as Muscle Up, Levers, Plance etc. 
    The army is really what inspires me and I want to be better for myself and so that I can contribute to a safer world.
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  9. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support <3
    It's day 1 of the 90 day challenge today
    1. Meditating <01>
    2. No Fap <01>
    3. No Gaming <01>
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  10. Robin added a post in a topic Serious doubts about NoFap   

    I relate to so much you've posted. And I really agree with your points.
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  11. Robin added a post in a topic Burned out need help.   

    Thank you so much for the kind words and support!
    I really love the swimming idea which I'll definitely take action on. I have a swimming pool just 4 minutes from my house haha!
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  12. Robin added a post in a topic BO Journal - Robin   

    Just sold my PS4 with games and headset for 250 euros. Will be using that money to expend my home gym and buy a training program which I can progress in.
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  13. Robin added a topic in Daily Journals   

    BO Journal - Robin
    Day 01
    So a few months back everything was going super good for me. I worked out 6 times a week, tracked all my macro's, had a girlfriend etc. etc. The problem was that I focused my energy on way to many things at the same time and I can't stand it when I'm bad at something. So I wanted to be better than average in all the things I did at the time. The next problem was that I was never proud of myself or never satisfied with my progress. I simply didn't see the purpose anymore in what I was doing, because I thought that I did everything for nothing. All of this led to a burn out which I haven't recovered from till this weekend. My dance teacher came up to me and told me she saw that something was wrong with me. This really got to me because she is one of the most important persons in my life. So as I got home I began to look on the internet for what could have went wrong. I came across the word Burn out and started searching more about it. It turned out that that definition/explanation of a burn out was almost identical with what happened to me. So I took the first steps again. Deleted all my games and joined the Discord chat group. I really want this journal to be chill and relaxed since that's the most important thing to me right now. I don't want to put any pressure on myself. I simply do what I feel like for a while and try to sleep/meditate as often as possible. We'll see where it goes from there. 
    Although I don't want to pressure myself I want to complete 3 things each day and that's also where you guys should hold me accountable for:
    1. Meditating every day
    2. No Gaming
    3. No Fap / No Porn
    To begin with I'll start with a 90 day challenge. Just 90 days doing these 3 things every single day. And if I feel like writing more in my journal I'll do just that.
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  14. Robin added a post in a topic Day 222. My story, from faking a report card to being a responsible person   

    So much respect for you! You've inspired me to start counting the good days again and bettering my life.
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  15. Robin added a post in a topic Bboying/breakdancing   

    That's sick! Good luck with it ^^
    I've been dancing for 7 years now. I do Hiphop/Streetdance instead of bboying and it's a ton of fun. I also go to competitions with my crew and stuff.
    You can check some clips out here if you're interested:
    And let us know when you got some moves down! 
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