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  1. Robin added a post in a topic Detox for Shocks   

    It's weird to think we were both addicted to video games once. You seem like a very social and chill dude. Keep it up man!
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  2. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Ye I'm looking to join The Corps Marines from the Netherlands. They make a lot of commercials since they're in need of people now. I just need to stop being a pussy and run faster haha. 
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  3. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Haha 1 month max. I'm going to force myself to run faster. The only thing that is holding me back right now is the 2700M in 12Minutes. My endurance is okay right now, but endurance and speed a bit less ^^
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  4. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Haha yea I guess. I used to play soccer after that did dancing for 7 years and now training for the army so I've always been pretty active.
    I eat a lot of protein for sure:
    - Quark, Chicken, Tuna, Eggs, Cheese etc.
    Mostly around 120+ grams of protein per day just from food sources.
    * Here is a picture of my transformation through the years if interested.
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  5. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Hey thanks man.
    I weigh around 73 KG. I'd say im decently ripped (abs visible) so my bodyfat % is somewhat around 13% I guess.
    Age: 17 
    Height: 1,80M
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  6. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    At this point I really don't know. I'm just waiting to go into the military, but my running is still a bit lacking. 
    So right now I don't really mind watching some dumb and funny stuff after training since that will be a lot less in the future you know.
    I just mark it on here so that I can see where my time goes
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  7. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Day 3
    No Gaming
    No Twitch
    No Youtube (Except educational/Music video's)
    No HLTV
    No Twitter
    No Porn
    No Fap
    Push-ups: 85
    Sit-ups: 85
    Pull-ups: 39
    Bike: 21 KM ; 20 KM/H
    - 2.52 KM 1min rest
    - 3.07 KM 3min rest
    - 3.56 KM 1min rest
    - 3.98 KM ; 10.4 KM/H
    * At this point I felt the worst pain in my legs ever. I simply couldn't make myself run any longer. 
    I decided to walk back to my bike, but as I was walking back someone started talking to me and we had a short conversation.
    After that I drank some water and I felt a lot better. I think this was a runners high and it made all the pain go away for some time.
    I wonder if I can get into a runners high during the run itself instead of after a break.
    - 6.52 KM ; 10.5 KM/H
    * Legs feel super tired. I think the biking combined with running is really taxing on the legs.
    * Gonna take an off day tomorrow and follow the 3 days on 1 day off system in order to maximize performance and progress.
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  8. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Day 2
    No GamingNo TwitchNo Youtube (Except educational/Music video's)No HLTVNo TwitterNo PornNo FapActivities
    Push-ups: 250
    Sit-ups: 250
    Pull-ups: 25
    Bike: 21 KM ; 20.5 KM/H
    - Interval training:
    1: 410M ; 15.4 KM/H
    2: 310M ; 18.3 KM/H
    3: 270M ; 15.8 KM/H
    4: 230M ; 15.9 KM/H
    5: 290M ; 15.1 KM/H
    6: 220M ; 15.4 KM/H
    7: 290M ; 15.8 KM/H
    * 2:30M rest between average
    * 2020M total ; 15.9 KM/H
    Goal: 2800M total ; 15.0 KM/H (In 7x400)
    * Wasted time in the evening.
    * I hate interval training.
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  9. Robin added a post in a topic 90 Day Detox   

    That's true for sure! Keep in mind that you can make the day as busy as you want. You fill in the day by doing some push-ups, reading something or going out for a run.
    Keep going! 
    - Velzen
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  10. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    It all starts in the mind for sure haha.
    Thanks for posting something man!
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  11. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Haha HIIT workouts are what I have to really focus on for sure. That's why I will do some interval training today.
    Thanks for posting something man!
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  12. Robin added a post in a topic Velzen Journal   

    Haha thanks, but they are actually my objectives for the week. 
    They are a bit high, but that's what I want. I believe that I can only get better trough pain and suffering. To make myself and my mind the strongest I can ever be.
    So I will finish every day with the greatest effort even if that mean going through a lot of pain and suffering ahah.
    Thank you for posting something in my journey.
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  13. Robin added a post in a topic Day 6!   

    Gratz on day 8 man! 
    And really good job on starting to workout. 
    Don't let your future self down and stay disciplined. Keep going.
    - Velzen
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  14. Robin added a post in a topic I want to live my life!   

    Plus Ultra man!
    Don't focus on too many things is my suggestion. That way you will maybe get burned out yea and escape from reality in gaming again. Just do what feels right for you. Stopping with gaming is the first step. That way you will have sooo much more time and you can experience what life really is.
    We will be here along the journey. Just don't give up. Ever. What the hell would Deku do huh? HE WOULD FIGHT FOR IT! hehe
    - Velzen
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  15. Robin added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Simply amazing! Gratz and now keep going and make something beautifull out of this life <3
    - Velzen
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