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  1. World of Tanks can be a dangerous combination of highly-competitive strategic multiplayer and random chance that can and will push people to spend money in order to improve said chances. It can be difficult to let an account go, due to the investment of time required to get a decent way in, and this is doubly so when an account is carrying premium vehicles, time, and currency. Account deletion, especially without first agreeing upon it with your father, is the nuclear option. Even if your father restarts his account, it may cause more harm than good in your relations with him, and could result in even more spending, due to wanting to catch up. Be sure that when you speak with him that you don't come off as preachy or condescending. You need to make it clear how harmful it was to you, and try to get him to participate in other activities with you in a calm discussion. I am no expert though. I was never truly addicted to World of Tanks due to it's awful systems, but I did still bang my head against a wall until the Black Prince, when I realized that things would never really get better. I wish you the best of luck.