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  1. Hello guys, I've got a problem. My father comes home after his work and starts playing World of tanks for around 3 hours daily. Once he asked me to finish a battle in game and now I am addicted to WOT and know about that while my dad does not realize his addiction. As a fact, WOT is not only an extremely addictive game but also it's smth like a casino, where nothing depends on you. That gives players a lot of excitement after every lucky shot and causes a lot of negative emotions after a defeat or smth like that. That hooks gamers and makes them continue playing this piece of garbage. Also my dad has a lot of so-called "premium tanks" which cost real money, his account is 10 years old and he plays with his friends. Nevertheless he is often angry about the game, his (actually stupid, I am not kidding) teammates, random bad occasions during matches and so on. I have already tried to delete this game (not his account) from PC (it's the only PC we have), but he just install this so-called "game again". When I try to explain why this game is harmful for him he just ignores everything I say and starts playing. After that he is angry about the game again and that happens every day. It's like he forgets what was yesterday. He does not want to play ANY other and less-addictive game and while he is playing wot I want to play it to due to my addiction. So, there are a few options: 1)delete his account (but I don't really know what it will lead to, seriously - I am afraid of my father's further actions) and never play it again. (But he probably will buy or create another one) 2) delete the game and prohibit him to download it (but he will probably find another way to play WOT, idk) 3) try to persuade him stop playing (but he probably will ignore my again) or any other one else. What should I do? How can I stop playing WOT if my dad always reminds me about it? How to make him stop playing it? Whether I should stop him at all? How to make him hate this game? I feel how WOT is ruining our lives but idk what to do Thanks to you all. (Sorry for every grammar mistake I made)