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  1. Didn’t play for more than a month now)
  2. Another day. Just found myself watching some stupid show on YouTube, and immediately closed it. My brain make tricks on me. Yesterday was on the PARTY - my gf’s mother birthday. Love this woman immensely))) Russian country looks depressing. But for 8 days I don’t play, and I’m even sleep more (with all free time).
  3. 4 days without games. I think I have hangover - symptoms very similar.
  4. Thanks guys! Yesterday was a nice day. I don’t play or watch YouTube, so we can call it a victory!) But I’m nervous and bored to death, and hide my PS4 - just to be sure, that my alter ego don’t occasionally play Witcher3. Poor me. I think that main reason for me to play is CONTROL. I see myself in control when I’m playing - levelling up is unavoidable. You just playing and playing, and after some time you are better, stronger, smarter. But it’s illusion and gimmicks of mind. That’s really hard, but I feel support from you all. Thanks! My goals now:
  5. My favorite author, actually! Hello to everyone. My name is Alexander, I’m 29 and I play games almost all of my life. From 6 years old. My addiction destroys my life slowly but surely, like an anaconda. I’m playing games 20-30 hours per week, with usual consequences - shitty social life, short nights, head full of gaming thoughts... You know. And I love gaming in broad sense. Computer games are just the tip of the iceberg. I love all games, love progress, love competition. So, that’s annoying. I remember that once I really changed my life and decided not to play co