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  1. Day.. i have no idea.

    I've fallen off the band wagon so to speak. BUT, I've still been doing things and going places and doing other things. I'm still improving my life but its been hard to kick gaming all together. I quit gaming because I never get anything else done and I spend WAY too much time on it and never go anywhere with friends. I also didn't exercise enough. I still didn't get much done when I wasn't playing, my ADHD makes it hard to focus and being diagnosed means I can get therapy now.

    I still want to quit, and I am to the point again where I think I can. Our pool will be open soon and I'm not going to want to be inside. I think being stuck inside makes me want to game more. if I had a way to go places I'd be camping already. But buses don't go to lakes and nobody I know wants to go. So yea, While I may slip up now and then, know that I am still working hard on improving my life and I will get there, sometimes its just hard.

    Thanks for being my motivation you guys. <3

    Note: One last thing. I'm not craving games anymore. No more dreams, no need to play, When I do its from pure boredom or the need to create something. *my tablet is currently not working*

  2. Hello @Sashiku, I can totally support what @WorkInProgress is saying, I have never been heavily addicted to games so maybe it is easier for me than for other people here, but writing is really a wonderful replacement of gaming, it feels great to create something which is your own.

    I don't know whether you heard about Camp NaNoWriMo? It starts on the first of July, and it is a "younger brother" of NaNoWriMo in that you do not have to write exactly 50 000 words, you can choose your own goal. Maybe you would like to participate? It would not hurt to try, if you do not like it you can always quit ;) 

    Thanks for the support. :) I will take your idea into consideration. Thanks!

  3. Hey Sashiku, maybe it helps you to remember why you want to quit this game. What negative influences does it have on your life if you play a lot of minecraft?

    If you jsut feel a lack of motivation it often times helps a lot to start small. To do something productive on a regular base(it can be very small) creates momentum. You seem to be biased toward playing. What is about writing as a creative activity? Seems to me like it would make you able to create much more in your mind then minecraft allows you to realize into a game. You could even try to sell story's later on. But if you like to write story's it can be a very nice creative outlet even without any financial goals.


    You are absolutely right. I am going to try finding other ways to be creative. Also, my tablet isn't working so my creativity has been pretty much ignored lately due to no way to draw. I think your idea is a good one. Thank you.

  4. Triggers below.

    Alright. So I have a problem. There is one particular game I will be sad to quit again. The rest I don't give a flying care about. But this one has been a creative outlet for me for years.

    Minecraft. I seriously only care about that game. I can create whole cities, towns, ancient civilizations, etc. Its a huge creative outlet for me. I will never be able to find something like that outside of a game. I do have other things I can do, but I suppose getting into them has been difficult. I got "Weird Shadows over Innsmouth" by HP Lovecraft for my birthday and I want to read it but I just feel so overly creative. I DID get a coloring book for my birthday. Its a VERY detailed one that is going to take a long time to fill out. I dunno what is wrong with me. I want to quit but at the same time I feel rather hopeless and don't know what to do. I love my outings with my friends, but those are only once a week. My thyroid has been bad as well so I've been sleeping a lot and been unable to do much. The inability to get up and go fuels my need for things to do which brings me back to one or two games every time. Today I am going to try to read. Also, I am making slow progression on my house. My kitchen looks much better already.

    Anyway, to sum up this post, I don't really know how to get out of this rut I'm in. My motivation is gone.

  5. Hey Sahiku,

    awesome that you are back here and life treats you well for once! I am really glad that you are well and healthy again. Sounds like your found an awesome group of people.

    But don't stop improving, because your on the sunny side of life. 


    You are absolutely right. :D I will keep going. I want to find another group of people to hang out with next. Its nice to have a group of friends and have events to go to, but I'd like a little variation in my life. A once a month book meeting or maybe a foodie club. hahahaha. I also have goals to get a cellphone and get moved. Thanks for the support, I appreciate you.

  6. It is a common accurance actually. Had this dreams too. Guess if you spent so much time thinking about the subjekt you brain has to process it somehow. They stopped pretty soon though. Don't worry too much about it.

    Mine have stopped too. Now I mostly get funny dreams that aren't so vivid.

  7. Ok so I have a TON of updates! Get ready to read a long post. :)  My ADHD was very bad this morning so writing this took a lot of time and was pretty frustrating.


    *Warning, if you're triggered by game names, please don't read this part.*


    Ok so, Right after the last post I went into depression. I know, its not good news. The lack of money/transport/food + being very sick was weighing on me heavily. I started losing hope in myself and in life in general. My computer was still doing badly so I updated it to windows 10. After that I decided to reset it and remove all my files after backing most of them up. Once I reset it I decided to start gaming again because I didn't know how to deal with all the stress I was feeling. I at first re-installed Fallout 4 as it had been my favorite game. I also installed Goat Simulator and Skyrim. But this time, gaming was way different than it had been. I will get to that later but first, I need to acknowledge some important people and events.

    *You remember how sick I was right? Remember how I told you guys I had been going to meetings and meeting some people with similar interests as me? Well, about this time one of my friends I made introduced me to another person who turned out to be the one who kept my head above water so to speak. First, he took me to the urgent care. He had worked 12 hours that night but insisted on taking me in when I was unable to sleep due to extreme coughing and breathing problems. Turns out I had a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis that was pretty bad. I got some antibiotics and was sent home. I thanked him over and over. Not long after that I got better and had just a few lingering symptoms. a few days after that I felt completely better.

    *The second time, he invited me to play Dungeons and Dragons with him and my other friends. I accepted but had no idea what it was asside from some sort of game involving dice and your own made up characters. This intrigued me as it took place in real life and the main reason for me liking games in the first place is the stories. D&D would give me the chance to make my own story for real, instead of playing through someone else's. It turned out to be really great and I enjoy it a lot. We only play once a week on Sunday night and I look forward to it which is odd, since I'm not normally a super social person. I could tell you a half a dozen things about it but I'll keep this short.

    *Feel free to read the rest. No more triggers.*

    *The third thing was taking me to the Renaissance fair. I had SO much fun. I am actually going to consider volunteering the year after next. It's funny because I'm obsessed with fantasy and things that don't exist in this reality. So its nice. Once a year I can thrive in a fantasy for 6 weekends and the rest of the year I can deal with reality. It makes reality a bit more tolerable. Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because I felt a true connection to the fair. Like I was meant to be there and meant to be a part of it. This lifted my spirits from the deep darkness I had been in for a while. Being there with a friend made it even better.

    *The fourth thing was probably the biggest thing of all. So, I might have brought up that our car has been missing for a few months and thus we cannot get groceries, get to doctors, or really do anything. ... My new friend took us to our car to get it towed. We JUST got it back 3 days ago. I'm finally feeling much happier and all of the stress is leaving me. We have food. Its been ages since I've had anything but junk food. *that is literally all we could get. the only store within walking distance is Wallgreens and their food aisle is a joke. I would literally rename their *food aisle* the *the un-sustainable aisle of junkfood* I am not joking. I felt like I was dying from lack of nutrition. I eat a very vitamin rich diet when I have the means to get it, so eating nothing but junk food has affected my system very negatively. If it weren't for my friends, I'm sure I'd be even worse off right now. They took me out to eat several times and tried to keep me healthy.

    Something odd happened yesterday though. We went out to eat yesterday and I had an anxiety attack. We sat in those booths that I hate. I'm claustrophobic and emetophobic so sitting that close to someone especially when eating is very uncomfortable. I told my family I was very uncomfortable sitting in the booth a few times but tried to deal with it. Finally, i started shaking and breathing hard and got nauseous. I told mom I had to get out and sat in the booth behind them alone the rest of the meal. I also barely ate due to the attack. No idea what caused it. I had been out to eat several times before recently as I mentioned. I did have some stress when people were eating in the car around me though once. Perhaps the stress of things lately is affecting my phobias.

    Anyway, I want to talk about a couple more things before I post this.

    Gaming. It was different this time. I would play something and 10 minutes later quit and switch to something else. Or literally open a game and close it moments later. I just lacked the desire to do it. It was very odd to not *want* to play them. At a certain point I actually did enjoy a short gaming session but it didn't last too long and it left me with absolutely no desire to game again. Life is too short to do that all the time and I think I actually understand myself more now than I had a relapse. I know what triggers me, I know why I play, and I know why i don't want to anymore. Before now the answers to those questions were sort of foggy but now I know them.

    Its funny. My best friend of 15ish years decided to start taking things I vent to her and tell everyone. they were never major things. She kept asking me questions about our friends while I was venting about how hard things have been so I told her I thought a friend was being a jerk lately to our other friend and she told them and they literally griped me out. I told them "I'm just venting, Se kept asking me questions about you while venting so it just came out.* I never knew her to talk behind my back or gossip about me or anything. A few days later she gossiped about me to my other friend and told her complete lies of things I never said. Its like ever since I started making friends, She has had it out for me. Anyway, we're not friends anymore. She told me she didn't want to be anymore so there we have it. Right after that, I met friends who actually cared. Funny how life works some times huh? I didn't even cry about losing that friend. Yea, we had been friends for 15-16 years but my life was too stressful at that time to really be emotional about it.

    And finally, I never wanted people to help me so much. I've always been a giver and had friends that took a lot but hardly ever gave. I've bought about 30 games on steam for my friends alone and I've offered a room to struggling friends and even money. But this time I met people who give. I don't know how to tell them how much they've changed my life. 3 months and my life completely changes. Thanks to this forum, my new friends, and my own goals. I think I will be okay now. Now that I know the reasons behind my gaming and have friends by my side, I'll be good. You guys will always be my guiding light as well.

    Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I just feel like I've broken ground and am saying goodbye to the old me right now. Things are definitely changing. I will try to post more often now that I'm not having such a rough time of it. Peace out guys. <3


    ~Note, my tablet isn't working on windows 10 so I can't draw. ;n;

  8. Went to the Urgent Care because I was so sick. Apparently I have one tough bout of Bronchitis. I got some antibiotics though so I should improve quickly.

    As for not gaming. Ugh. It has been an entire month of not being able to do anything. I gave in. No major games, just playing a dumb flash game here and there to ease the constant boredom. I intend to quit again once I can get up and do things though. Every time I try to walk I end up nearly falling flat on my face. I have some equilibrium issues caused by ear issues caused by my bronchitis so I am WAY off balance and I can't walk very well. They put a *fall hazard* bracelet on me at the UC.I fell last night and landed on my collar bone. How you ask? I was beside my bed and my knees gave out and I landed on my knee and my collar bone hit the foot of my bed. Oww. :I Had to sleep with a heating pad for 3 hours today for that one.

    All in all, I am starting to feel better but it's a super slow recovery. I have never been this sick before. The nurse says it seems like I had a bad sinus infection which turned into Bronchitis. :( I just wanna be better so I can concentrate on recovery again... sigh.

  9. Yup had one of these dreams the other day :D I seem to get them at every milestone for some bizarre reason. Had around 4 or 5 during my detox so far. (im on day 71)

    really? Wow. I'm really glad I'm not alone though. :) And congrats on all you have accomplished! I've had insanely realistic dreams ever since I quit playing. Not even all about gaming. Some were just random events, others were from creepypastas I'd read and others were from movies. Total randomness.

  10. This happens to me a lot too. I had dreams that I was playing Roblox, and they captured the exact feelings I had when playing, and I felt horrible because I had relapsed less than a week into my detox, until I realized it was just a dream. I was surprised by how realistic it was, to the point where I believed it was real life.

    Yep, I felt bad too! I was so sure that it was real that I got really upset until I realized it was a dream. :o Funny how your mind can trick you huh?

  11. Hello Sashiku,

    what allergies do you have? I am also allergic, mostly to pollen of various plants, particularly birches, and I cannot enjoy this beautiful spring like people with no allergies, so I understand what you are going though and how you feel, having to miss an interesting event because of allergy :( I take all my meds and yet the allergy subsists, though I do not have runny nose but rather cough terribly whenever I want to say something, it is such a choking cough. I can watch the garden with its plants growing only from my window :( Luckily I can work from home or things might have been worse.

    A TON of stuff. Certain soaps, certain laundry detergents, pollen, mold spore, the heat, and I'm not sure what else. All i know is that every spring I get very sick from all of the allergies. Fall I get sick too but not as bad as spring. So naturally, Summer and winter are my favorite seasons.

  12. Hey guys. Small update. I was going to go to ren fair this weekend but I got sick again. :I Stupid spring and stupid allergies. In any case, I am getting out more. I haven't been able to keep up my journal as well since I'm always either sick or not home lately.


    Something did happen recently. I downloaded Origin and downloaded one of my games, but to my anger and happiness, it won't work on my computer anymore. It crashed my graphics drivers every time I booted the game up. Upgrading to windows 10 seems to have made my computer very sluggish. Anyhow, so I didn't end up playing any games. I was really upset the day i tried to play and didn't know what to do to feel better but in the end I didn't get to play anyway. The only thing game related i've been doing is playing my 3DS at night for about 5 minutes while laying in bed. As I said before, it's not my problem but I wanted to not play it much till I beat the 90 days. I don't play the 3DS every night, just mostly nights I am too sick to sleep well, which is a lot recently.

    Anyway, I walked to the store yesterday and it was nice, even though I've been suffering for it since. :P I am honestly doing my best to change things around for myself. My house is cleaner than its been in a year even. I just hope i get 100% better *I haven't been 100% since that sinus infection* and am able to quickly find a place, sell the house and move. I hate the city. :I Going to move to a large town. From 400,000 people to around 9,000.

    If that ends up falling through I'll probably find an apartment here, though I really am sick of Oklahoma, I finally have friends! For the first time since my Best friend moved away 5 years ago. And I met them not long before I found one of Cam's videos on youtube and started my new life.

    Anyway, sorry I'm also so mushy when i post. I just don't think you guys get how thankful I am. I want to help people so when i can I'm going to pay it forward. Because I'm grateful to all of the people who have been supportive and friendly.

  13. I am glad that you feel better!

    In such hard times you see what people really care and are important in your life. Be thankful for all the good people around you and try to be good to them if they need help or support and show them your appreciation. This makes a big difference. In my opinion good relationships with other people is the best medicine against a bunch of mental problems and happiness issues.

    Of course. :) Before I head off to my friends house for my vacation, *That's a vacation for poor folk! Hahaha!* I'm going to make a cake for the lovely friend of mine who helped me with medicine and write "Thank You for Everything" on it. And maybe draw some cute things on it too.

  14. Hey guys. This isn't really a daily thing, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm feeling so much better now. I have also been busy and not at home much. It's been nice to be away from the comfy confines of my house. I'm going on vacation soon for a few days. Probably on the 28th. It will be a great way to take a break from all the stress I've had to deal with lately and just spend some time reflecting and relaxing.

    Also... people have been treating me very good lately. A friend brought me medicine as I had no way to obtain it myself. She also brought me a neti pot which I feel saved my life at night from congestion. My brother has been cooking for me and treating me like a human being which is just weird. Then a random friend bought me a headset because mine broke and I don't have a cellphone anymore and skype is my only way to talk to people when I'm home.


    I haven't spoken to many of my gamer friends since day 3 or 4. Only a couple support me and hve been talking to me now and then to show support. I'm starting to feel better now. I just need to start taking my thyroid medicine again and I will feel a ton better. thank so much you guys. You've been a stabile and comforting guidance in my life and I really can't thank you enough. I know I still have hard times to get through, but I'll be fine. <3

  15. Day 18
    First off, I'm SO sorry for not being very active. It's been a difficult month in many ways.
    Sigh, I'm not doing so well but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Being sick threw me off so badly, I feel it will be another few days before I am motivated enough to do anything. My dreams are getting worse too. Right now I am lacking focus. I just wander around my house now wondering what I should do and pretty much end up doing nothing. Before I got sick I was motivated and had spare energy to boot. When I was starting to feel better, it's almost like I woke up from a really long nap and now I'm kind of just "Meh". Not taking my thyroid medicine for 10 days definitely isn't helping my "meh" mood, leaving me sleeping 13 hours a night and just generally feeling foggy headed. I wish I hadn't gotten sick so soon after I decided to quit. It really messed things up. I had all these plans for the next day. I was going to do so many things like yoga and exercising and walking the roads... The day after that is when i woke with a fever. Sometimes life really pisses me off.
    I'm so out of it that not even drawing sounds like fun. I really hope this state of mind goes away quickly. I am gonna go walk in a few minutes anyhow. Maybe the fresh air will help me clear my head.

  16. Love the pictures of the hippie girl and the space crocodile! Did you do them in a day?  I really like the style of your art.

    Thank you~! I intend on uploading everyday again once I get well. :D maybe I will draw today, Dunno yet. Best I've felt in a week.

  17. Hi Sashiku.  I've really enjoyed following your story and journal so far.  It sounds like you're on a low at the moment -  I just want you to know that whatever happens, and whatever you choose to do, we will all support you on your journey!!! I just know that you're going to have an incredible journey! 

    I also love creating stuff!!!!  I so enjoyed checking out your art in your "Sashi's Art" thread. I really like your style, and hopefully you'll have more time to do it without games!

    By the way, I also use Habitica and don't see a problem with it, because it's not addictive to me and actually helps me be more productive.  


    :D Thanks so much for taking time to read! I try to follow a few journals as well but lately I haven't been able to sit here and read much. I hope once I am well that I can get back to how things were. I must say I have lost some confidence and motivation though but I am sure I'll regain it once I have recovered. I also want to get back to drawing daily. I really liked doing that.

    And yea, Habitica is really good for me too. I was doing so well before I got sick. I am about 30 coins from getting a sonic blast. :P 

  18. Day 15?

    I have no idea what day I am on now as It's been about a week and a half of being sick now. I am FINALLY starting to feel a bit better and actually slept properly without coughing last night. I feel more rested so I should be able to start doing things again soon.

    I played my 3DS.. for about 2 minutes yesterday before I was bored. Being so sick and unable to do anything really threw me off and put me in a bad place but for the most part, I didn't give in. I don't really consider my 3DS to be one of my issues as I barely play it but I still want to get over gaming in general before I use it much.

  19. My brother left the car in the middle of nowhere with the keys locked inside. Because of this, I can't get the antibiotics I need. And because of that, I'm not getting any better. I am so so so miserable. I'm about to give in till I'm better just to have something I can do while sitting still. I'm so tired of laying around but unfortunately, I can't seem to do much else since I am barely sleeping still. I wake up every evening after coughing and struggling to sleep all night and end up sleeping all day. My eyes are always glued shut from the constant watering. The constant coughing isn't helping and the sore throat is only making it worse. I honestly don't know what to do. My friend Jamie brought me the medicine because of the lack of having a car and while that helped some, antibiotics are required to get better. My mom got better with them. I'm going into week 2 of being sick now. I don't know how much more boredom and sickness I can take before I break.

  20. ~~~Day 10-11~~~

    My sickness seems to have gotten a lot worse and I'm heading to the doctor soon for some antibiotics for this sinus infection.  Losing a lot of sleep but still no gaming. I'm not eating well either. The inability to do anything physical has made it difficult to not think about gaming but I haven't thrown in the towel yet. The urges are pretty strong though and having to lay around being bored out of my skull is just fueling the fire. Sometimes they are so strong I think I'm going to lose, but then I immediately snap back to reality and go talk to my family. Its been hard to sleep due to constant coughing and difficulty breathing so I've spent many nights on the internet watching random documentaries and cat videos till the symptoms calm down enough to sleep. I just wish the infection would go away already. It has put a complete stop to everything I had planned. If I had been well, my entire house would be clean by now and I'd be doing yoga routines by now as well. I would read but my eyes are so red and swollen and water so much that I don't think I could.

    I suppose I'm just quite frustrated.

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