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  1. End of day 26 Still no games. Almost a third of the way through. My productivity has increased, and I'm nicer to be around. Been making flash cards to learn Linux commands and working on an animation. I'm still craving the games - tonight in particular, I'm twitching like a junkie and filling the night with Netflix. Not going to cave in, though. There's been too much positivity having come out of this process.
  2. End of day 15 Still no videogames. Put a lot of time in to Blender, done (not enough) exercise and lined up a Udemy course to get me past the Red Hat Certified Systems Admin exam. Here's my latest Blender creation:
  3. End of day 8 Still no videogames. Struggling to get satisfaction out of the passing hours. I'm watching a lot of Netflix and using Blender. Tomorrow I'm going to do some more productive stuff... maybe.
  4. End of day 6 Still no videogames.
  5. End of day 5 I'm really hoping some noticeable change will come over me as a result of this detox, linked to dopamine, because I'm still trying to fill the gap left by videogames. The videogames created the gap so should I really endeavour to fill it?
  6. End of day 4 Much more relaxed today. I would generally plan a day around how much time I could spend gaming. I'd be constantly rushed when not gaming, and conscious of limited time when I am. Now that there's no gaming at all, I've started to unwind and the day seems longer. There's a trap here to look out for though, because with my guard down, I start to think about playing games less obsessively after the detox - and that can only have one outcome.
  7. Cool. Is there somewhere I can see your work? I put stuff up in GameDev.tv - Join Our Students and Teaching Assistants in the GameDev.tv Community Forum
  8. End of day 3. No games today, just lots of Blender. Pre-emptively super nostalgic for games that aren't even out yet.
  9. Have a good sleep, dude.
  10. End of day 2. No games today. Instead, I did a little bit of housework, reading, some weights, watched a series on Netflix, gave my car some attention, studied some Red Hat Certification and did some modelling on Blender. Feels good. Symptoms today included a strong feeling of restlessness and unease. My mind constantly brings up old games that I enjoyed in the past, and I have been mulling over never playing anything again, including all the new games I'm going to be missing out on. I have either plain ignored these thoughts or countered them by reminding myself that nobody gets a happy life by playing games all day - and for me, there is no moderation.
  11. Thanks. I just deleted all games from pc and phone.
  12. It's only 3 months, right? I'm shitting myself right now.
  13. Hi. I've been gaming for a long, long time. I'm 38, and I've been fascinated by computers and games since I saw Blitz running on a VIC 20. Soon after that, I got a new c64 and basically haven't stopped since. I don't care about triple A releases or MMORPG's. The trap I find myself in is a constant need to feed that general fascination, and to experience all the features in the games that have caught my attention. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm high functioning autistic. There's a lot of information online - and it all comes off like some 2 dimensional crap that anyone could come up with on a whim, and most of it is geared towards teenagers - well, I'm 38 now. I've somehow managed to keep a job and a relationship, like a functioning alcoholic. There are plenty of things I want to do, but the games are eating my life. The idea of choosing to just stop gives me some trepidation because I know I'll fail. I don't know what to do now so I've just written my piece in here.