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  1. Thanks to the OP and other contributors. It's well known among addicts that addictions will morph and change into something else. Just because you've quit one, doesn't mean you're mentally healthy (which is mainly the ability to deal with pain). If you don't arrive at mental health your addiction will 1) come back in the same form 2) take up another form(s). Addiction is a symptom, not causation. Addiction and compulsive behaviors must be replaced; you can't just focus on "stopping". Don't think about "quitting". Don't think about what problems you have. Don't label yourself as an addict or recount any addictions in your mind. These things only exist if you think about them. FOCUS on the new, positive, replacement behaviors. Do not think: "I must stop drinking soda" Think: "I will drink water." Now go and drink water. Part of your replacement behaviors will be connection with humans (irl), connection with God (if you're open), healthy hobbies and work. Hard work takes most of my time, and is incredibly satisfying. Lift hard, run hard, work hard, study hard, clean house hard! Now there's no room for problems. Happy life.
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