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  1. That's awesome yeah I definitely enjoyed the horseback riding and we are talking about doing it again. So yeah I played football in high school- that's an idea for sure!
  2. My 3-Week Benchmark Report Hey all, I felt like I should make a post about hitting the 3-week checkpoint in my game quitting journey. Thus far, I'd say my cravings have been fairly manageable. There were a couple of days within the 3rd week that I definitely wanted to play Madden because I was reading up on some of the latest NFL news. I started watching old games on YouTube for a minute to try and manage and then I got over it. For me, digesting anything football-related can be a trigger because I obviously go into the mode of wanting to play out my own version of these stories in the game. As for filling my time, one of my hobbies that I wanted to develop anyways (gaming got in the way) is learning the guitar and getting back into music. In the three weeks, I've done something music-related every day, whether it's voice lessons, practicing the guitar, writing songs, or working with my friend to come up with concepts. It's been a lot of fun and something I can track progress for and "level up" in. A few other activities I have done are puzzles, reading, working out, horseback riding, and even fishing. While we went fishing last night, I said to my stepson, "Wow this is so much better than catching Pokemon." On top of that, I just started a new job last week so I'm putting a lot of attention towards that obviously. Using the apps "Coach.me" and "Trello" have been effective for me in terms of time management and task completion, while in a sense replacing the feeling of "leveling up" in a game. With gaming gone, I noticed that my body/mind has struggled in some ways to adapt. One thing that happened last week is that my eating habits kind of fell apart and I started eating unhealthily for the week. On top of that, I got into a Netflix series and binged almost as if it was taking the place of the gaming. I'm becoming mindful that the addictive spirit can manifest itself in other ways besides gaming. Finally, the biggest revelation that I have received in this time is that some of the games I was addicted to (Madden, Pokemon) are all rooted in my childhood. These games were escape mechanisms from some of my childhood struggles back then, and so I believe the addiction I had recently was connected to all of those struggles. It's incredibly enlightening when you step away from these things to let the dust settle, and then you realize what is really going on. Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience and to stay encouraged as I make my way towards 90 days (Aug. 24th will make 90 days for me!). Stay blessed everyone and let me know your thoughts if you get a moment! Kevin Ferris
  3. I'd love to offer you my support and prayer for you in this time. I've noticed that video games and porn go almost hand-in-hand and wondered why, and I think you helped me understand that it has to do with dopamine and the chemical dependency on it. I"m now 48 hours into my detox and already there is so much going on around me to focus on besides video games, that I'm being fulfilled. I understand about the trauma from when you were younger. I know video games became a crutch for me for multiple reasons, such as escaping the volatile environment I grew up in. I've noticed that the temptations start to ramp up whenever something happens to me that causes disappointment, frustration, or the like. It seems that these negative emotions creep up, and instead of dealing with them, I've retreated into the games. I'm about to focus more on my spiritual life, music, and beginning a new job, and I realize it's how I respond to each and every situation that will help me deal with negative emotions so that I don't relapse.
  4. Thank you @chiliflavor! That's what I'm talking about... Moving on!
  5. I’ll consider you a part of my pledge class Amir lol. We will get through this man!!!!
  6. Hey all I wanted to give a short intro- My name is Kevin and I’m from outside of Baltimore, MD, where I currently live. I’m 29 years old, married, about to start a new full-time job, and I’m helping to raise my wife’s son (hopefully more on the way!). Gaming for me became not just an addiction, but a continuous escape from childhood trauma. Even up until recently, I’ve tended to play only games that I played when I was around 8-12 years old (or recent releases of those games). Day 1 of Respawn has already been helpful, and I’m hoping to break through the 84-hour mark, 3-weeks, 3 months, and then PERMANENT detachment from the snare of video games. I know I can improve relationships, be more productive in my work, and also live out the dreams that are in my heart to achieve once I overcome this burden. i hope to connect with you all, Kevin