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  1. I will start by saying that I'm not certain my particular addiction belongs in this forum, however, as this forum is said to help those who have struggled as well as those with an ongoing addiction, I would like to give it a shot. My name is Daniel. I was born in 2002 and am now 18 years old. I've been into games since an early age, but you could say my addiction really kicked off when I was 12-13. After that, until about 16, it got worse and worse. The more I played, the less enjoyment I actually got out of it until at some point I wasn't really enjoying it at all (but couldn't stop). Then, at about 16, I somehow stopped for 3 months or so (for the summer. Perhaps it was because I didn't have access to my PC during 3/4 of that time.) Then, after summer of the same year, I got back into it. My brother was, by that stage, over it. Before, I used to play quite competitively. Me and my brother even started a team a couple of times. But this time, it was a more relaxed gaming style that I had got into. I should mention that in my childhood, I was a creative kid, as well as much more happy and alive than I was at 16 or am now. I played on for a while, once again enjoying it less and less and then suddenly... I just stopped. No effort, no battle (though I knew this addiction was draining me in many ways). The fact was (and is), though, that I felt quite drained. Since then, I haven't gotten into gaming (though I occasionally get the urge and have all the means to). However, I think I have developed what seems to be a different form of the same thing - I've gotten into watching YouTube for hours on end. Sometimes (a lot, recently) videos about games. It is, in my mind, no better than gaming as it exhibits all the same negative effects (most notably, time consumption). I've had forums help me with stuff like this before, so I figured I would try tackling this issue in the same way. So besides being an introduction post, this is also a question of whether this forum is the right place for my problem . Thanks to anyone who goes through the trouble of reading this :D
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