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  1. Hi Bgk, I just start first step, which is remove the game account, so I will not come back to it again. When I deleted my online account, I felt very painful because all my effort for several years put in it to develop the hero in this game, when I will see it for last time, my body was shaking. After I remove the account it felt like some part of me disappear. But, I still need to accept it because it was a part of small sacrifice needed to open up bigger possibility door for success in future. Lastly, good bye my gamer self, it was such good time but I need to move on.
  2. Hi, I start to play video game from age 12, at that time game just additional entertainment just play it 2 or 3 times a week, but start age 15 I went deeper in this world, I play it about 6 to 9 hour per day. My character started to change, from funny little boy to frown boy. My parents always advice me, but I don't take it seriously. I spend my highschool play free time plays video game rather than make friends, discover new hobby, get great score in academic and improve other skills. So, time flies very fast, when I realised it, I already entered the college, never thought I able to pass it. Huh, in college with the freedom i got from stayed away from my parents, my gaming habit enter the chronic stage. I start to play online game until midnight, sometime I don't even get a sleep at night because want to achieve the virtual rank that doesn't have value, just to show off between all my gamer friends that I better than them. Now, I wake up age 24, I not achieve to much in my life that what I am planning to achieve. Which are I plan in my 20 I able to become polyglot, able to speak Japanese, Arabic and Mandarin. Also, I wanted to travel to many countries, discover the uniqueness in each country and more importantly to have good memories to reminiscent rather than the memory of playing in a virtual world where nobody will interested when I share with them. Now, it's time to let it go, even it hard, even I already tried it many times, such as I uninstalled the game in the morning but in evening I can't overcome my craving to video game and end up installing it back, what such miserable loop I trapped in (T _ T). I want to free and break this loop forever.