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  1. Day 1 - Oct 30th Today was pretty rough. I couldn’t control myself and ended up playing video games all day in school, and continued playing the second I got home. Within an hour of me playing GTA V on my PC I was already facing one of my biggest gaming problems: Rage. I was gambling in-game money at the new casino and after multiple losses in a row I went broke. This made me furious and I punched the absolute shit out of my monitor (thank god it didn’t break), threw my headset down on my desk, and just walked away. After cooling down for 20 minutes I realized that I can’t rely on my own willpower to stop playing video games, and decided to put my PC up for auction on Ebay. Hopefully it will sell soon so I can get rid of my access to games. Goodnight everyone.
  2. Hello! I’m pretty sure there are free programs that automatically shut off your computer at certain times. There’s one built into windows for parents who want to control their kid’s PC use. Good luck ?
  3. Welcome to my journal! I’m starting this journal so that I can keep a record of my progress while I cut down on gaming. I’m currently taking classes on video game design which makes it hard to stay clean from games all day but I can still stop myself from gaming at home. I’m going to try to replace my free time with watching anime and doing school work instead of gaming. I’ve already uninstalled all the games I have on my PC and my PS4, except Fortnite because I still want to play that with my IRL friends (I’ll only play when they are all on). Today is day zero and I’ll be starting tomorrow. I don’t have much hope because I have a history of trying to quit gaming and failing many times, but maybe this time will be the one. Even going one day without gaming at home would be an achievement. Wish me luck! ?
  4. Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the community before I get started with my journal and all that stuff. I’m 16 in highschool and I’ve been gaming everyday for well over half my life. At first it was just a casual activity that I would do in my free-time, but over the years it turned into a bad addiction that I can’t escape. It’s gotten to the point where I almost failed 3 entire classes last year because I would play video games instead of homework/studying. Another major problem I have is raging. I’ve broken so many expensive things (monitors, keyboards, etc) from raging at some pixels on my screen. The worst part about my situation is that I’m enrolled in a vocational program for video game design so for half of the school day I’m surrounded by video games and people who play them. Anyways, my plan is to take a break from video games and get my life together. My main goals are to start working out, do better in school, and finish a bunch of anime that I didn’t have time to watch before.