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  1. As you can imagine, this is a huge waste of my life, though I suppose it got me through some difficult times, as I used to have depression in the past. If you're wondering about computers so long ago, I had a landlord who owned a BBC computer and I would play Pacman every evening for an hour before he got back from work; it wasn't for long, but it was the start of something that became an addiction. There have been times when I played up to about 16 hours a day. I've cut it down to about seven to ten hours a day, which is still way too much. Even when I stopped gaming once for a week or so, I tended to spend way too long browsing the internet. I did manage a compromise by listening to an audio book while gaming, but this means that I'm still craving games. I wonder if there's a way of switching off my PC automatically, so I can wean myself off - e.g. start with it only working 45 minutes per hour and then build up to 15 minutes per hour. Obviously I do need my PC some of the time. I like the idea of cutting my gaming down to an hour or two per day, but unless I can find some software that limits me, I don't know if I can find the willpower. Aside, from that, Hello everyone!