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  1. Yeah, I get it. Well if you two couldn't agree on anything, you weren't meant to be together. It was similar with on of my exes. Tho I think my ex was over it because we weren't that sexual together, she didn't want to sleep with me, we were together for a year and we had sex just five times... she just didn't had the attraction towards me and I was blind, I couldn't see its the reason. Seems like she has now a man in her life, who understands her and has more qualities I hadn't.
  2. Well I never did something like that because I know that it was over and will never happen again cause there was a reason for us to break up... well I am in contact with all of them but one of them is very distant as she has someone else, other exes are single, that's why we are chatting more... I feel like if the ex doesn't want to contact me, she has someone else and she is happier than with me, so I don't want to contact her cause I want her to be happy. Seems like it happened to your ex as well E: How did she response? Like just an emotion or something one-worded? Cause I sent a letter to one of my exes as well and all she did was this ":-)", and yeah, it was because she was in a new relationship and didn't want to hear anything from me. She was in contact with one guy even while we were in the relationship and she was very active, she was sharing everything with him so I think she is with him now, she doesnt share anything on her social media so I have no idea but its my theory... I was very mad at her cause she was chatting with him more often than with me...
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    Hey, I am Lucas, I am from Canada and Id like to write a diary there, (im a bit busy now so I will update this post later)
  4. Hey man, you haven't mentioned your ex in the past days, do you think she has someone else now, are you in contact with her or are you trying to forget her or something? I am in contact with all my exes and every each of us is glad that we are all doing well, they found better partners, I found a better partner... like I don't have any feelings for them but I just like to know how is their life...
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