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  1. Overwatch is my problem game as well and I agree it’s in a bad state but it holds your attention because of the updates and releases. When I step back I remember more anger and stress than positive feelings with the game. Over the past few years it has fueled my depression. I’ve deleted it many times and whenever I have it has made me feel better mentally and physically. I think the competitive high stress games can be the most addictive especially if you are good at it. It’s normal to feel anxious when something you were using is no longer dependable. I’d suggest perhaps getting a therapist who is helpful with life transitions. Perhaps you would do well in another sport? I’m not a professional though, these are just some thoughts.
  2. I recently started seeing a therapist and I explained to her how the colours and milestones in a game seem to make me detach and escape from the world. I explained to her how it has become and addiction and she seemed genuinely concerned. She told me to stop playing if possible. I think describing how it makes me feel helped her understand but I also think it’s help you to find someone who might have experience with addictions. People can become addicted to so many things, a proper therapist knows this.
  3. I realized I was addicted the moment everything else I used to enjoy failed to make me happy. My art career that I’d worked so hard for had dwindled cause instead of making art I would just play games. My legs and heart became weak, I gained weight but still, all that mattered was a stupid game that made me furious 85% of the time I played it.
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