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  1. Hi, Leo. Your story reminds me of my own, though you seem to be way more disciplined ^^. I was playing a lot through my childhood, but was lucky to catch a dream at age of ~18, so I just completely forgot about everything (including video games and university ?). After ~5 years I suddenly woke up, looked around discovering that I achieved something and decided I can finally let myself to relax (I think I just hit an unexpected problem - was completely fine 5 years straight). In some time I discovered myself back playing video games. A lot; 16 hours a day; sometimes nights too; had 40 hours marathon once with single 10 mins food break. At first I thought it's specific game I play since childhood (Dota/2, >10000 play hours); uninstalled it and started waiting for an inspiration to continue my work; in bare days switched to a different game; then another one and another. I suspected maybe I have an addiction? Googled wikipedia's page on addictions and it stated that a human can only have physical/psychological addictions which are mostly drugs, so no - video games can't be addictive, I guessed. 2 days ago I watched Cam's TEDx talk about video games addiction and also suggested that, hmm, maybe there is such a thing ... Let me try to stop playing ... right now. I see myself as a strong person: I decided once that I'm overweight and from eating a cake everyday went cold turkey to completely cutting sugar in any shape or form and lost 30 kg (100 lb) in several months; I don't smoke or drink; I do sports - how quitting video games can become a problem since even wikipedia doesn't consider it as an addiction? Oh boy it was difficult! I was literally scared that I'm gonna die without it! I had to fight with myself to hit the damn "delete steam account" button. I had a full panic attack with eyes wide open and tremor. Was thinking so hard trying to pinpoint what good thing playing games can bring me - surely they don't, but was desperately trying to sneak myself into something like compromise to leave my video games life unharmed ... How pathetic it was. They say video games compromise the way dopamine functions in your body and I guess it happened to me. Just drop them dead. Nothing good to get out of it. There is no way to relax playing video games - it's just a self-deception; it crawls into us in a flash of weakness. I personally was finding myself truly relaxed after dos like lying on a beach with a book or riding a bicycle. Hope you will be well.
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