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  1. Hey, mattso, I know that you have now really not the best of times, but man, you are really fucking strong and you can overcome this shit. You haven't written in your journal for a couple of days, which is not really typical of you. I can assume that you have occurred the relapse not only in nofap but also in nogaming now, but if you''re reading this i want to say to you just one thing: Only you decide in your life what you want to achieve and how you want to live it. There are no depressions, your brain just makes them up. Sincerely believe in you, because I am very impressed with your journal and your thoughts. I hope that you will continue to write here anything you want. At least i will read it...
  2. I'm really proud of you, dude) Didn't read like all your journal, but i ll definitely do it later) You are doing a great job on yourself, i'm even a little jelalous of you) Go further in this exiting journey, i believe in you, you are rly very conscious for your age)
  3. Hi mattso! Thank you very much for your words and advice, i really appreciate it)
  4. Hi all! I'm 20, my name is Alexandr, i'm from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I played computer games almost constantly since august of 2014. It was at that time when I installed DotA 2 on my laptop. I played a lot of dota for like 4 years.. Because of this in the summer of 2016, I disgustingly passed the school final exams. I did not go to the college that I wanted and went to where I was taken to the paid department. But even in that college i still continued playing DotA and sometimes Heartstone. Nevertheless I finished the first year quite successfully somehow. But things got much worse in the second half of the second year.. I constantly played until 4-6 am every day, missed all my lections and seems to have lost interest in learning in principle. By the end of the year, after trying to pass tests and exams, I had about 12 academic debts. I was able to agree in the dean's office to take a year break to hand over all my debts. But since the beginning of September I have only passed 2 of my 12 debts. As you could guess nothing really changed and I still played a lot of games, watched Twitch streams and Youtube videos and spend a lot of time in my laptop for no reason.. But still this year I only played in Hearthstone, but anyways. Now i actually decided to quit. Currently not playing only for 2 days, it feels not so good actually.. Very often i want if not play, then at least to watch some stream on Twitch or something like that. I was very inspired by Cam's work and now I really want to change everything in my life. I used to be a professional swimmer, I was constantly the best in class at school until I met DotA 2. Now i hope that i will pass all my debts till end of June, and will continue my college education in September. I also want to go swimming regularly again and maybe find some other hobbies instead of playing. Love you all guys and wish u good luck! P.S. I'm really sorry for my low english level :(