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  1. Day 13 - The Completion List So funnily enough, I actually procrastinated on starting this challenge, but in the end I did it. I was actually surprised how many items ended up on the list once I was done, because it was hard to think of anything more recent than yesterday at first. The first thing on the list was putting the Christmas tree up (yes I was too lazy to put in the attic after all these weeks past Christmas) lol. I got that done and called a debt collection company that kept calling me today. Off to a good start so far and I going to commit an hour to this list every Wednesday.
  2. I agree, that is a beautiful poem!
  3. Hey Ketias! Welcome to the forum . It's never to late to make the changes you want to see, and you're off to a good start. As Cam and Lea stated, finding new activities to fill the void of when you would game is a big key to fighting the lure to relapse. Best of luck and just take things one day at a time!
  4. Day 12 - Exercise So today's challenge fell on a day I was running for the c25k program, so I got my exercise in for today, but will be doing the 7 minute workout tomorrow. So, I had to move my wakeup time to 5:30 am so that I can fit in exercise to the morning routines, because I do stretching regiments before and after I workout. Since I'm starting at 5:30 I will also be able to read on the mornings I was just doing c25k, so I think the changes will benefit my routine and myself in the long run, but I am a bit nervous about getting up at 5:30, that is the earliest I have decided to wake up on a consistent basis, but I think I can do it.
  5. Day 11 - Cold Shower Therapy So I have been taking cold showers on the days I don't run, I still think hot showers clean you better, but that's just my opinion. But apparently I have not been in the cold shower for 5 minutes, because I set the timer today for 5 minutes and it felt wayyyyy longer than my normal cold showers. but still wasn't too bad.
  6. Lol. like I said, hate dancing. Thanks for the greetings. ?
  7. Day 8 - Dance Party So if I thought yesterday was funny, y'all are going to get a laugh out of this one. I hate dancing... hate it but I already had the song in mind so I was like ok, I go this.... But I tried recording the video on the computer so I could upload to YouTube from there ( I try to keep YT off my phone) but the mic wouldn't record the song so I had to play the song from the computer and record the dance from my phone which as you guessed, meant I had to download YT on my phone. lol. I deleted after I uploaded the video though, so without further ado here is a link for your entertainment... enjoy.
  8. Day 8 - Show Appreciation So, today was pretty good, I have been doing the last few missions on my lunch break since I have the time to go out then. The timing didn't work out today though. lol. I went to the gas station, the grocery store, and even Arby's but most of the places were empty, save for the grocery store, and that was full of older folks who shop in the early afternoon. After I picked up my son, we went to the Starbucks that was a little further from my house and I told the barista that I loved her glasses and that she had great tastes. She told me thanks and that she recently got them. So a little funny start today but another successful mission nonetheless.
  9. You're welcome! Hopefully you'll find a lot of value in the book. What are you studying at university? Blockchain sounds like an intensive subject. Congrats on the 1st day and big kudos to moment of realization about energy management. Best wishes with the new activities for the morning!
  10. Hey Fagus, Thanks! I appreciate it! ? The challenge has been great so far and I am really enjoying it.
  11. Hi Fagus! I remember getting that email from Cam yesterday and I was like "Wow, that's exactly what I was struggling with during the fall that led me to the decision to quit gaming again" (i had quit back in 2013 but been on and off since 2014) He hit it right on the money, every time I tried to be productive and play video games in moderation, i always ended up playing video games too much to be productive. As you said, gaming is such an easy thing to fall back on when big obstacles arise. The point Cam made about it may take months to see progress reminded me of The Slight Edge, a book he recommends reading. It has been great in helping me fight the instant gratification mindset, and while i still have a ways to go, I am much happier knowing that the day to day work i am putting in right now will pay off. And I know it'll pay off for you too, best of luck on your 90-day detox,!
  12. Day 7 - The Selfie Challenge Today went well. I took some recycling out and there is a Mcdonald's right in front of the recycling area. So after I was done, i decided to walk in, and I saw a guy with his skateboard sitting on the sidewalk. I explained to him i was in a group that helps people quit video games and that i had daily missions.. long story short he said sure and we took the selfie. Shoutout to Brandon the Skateboarder!
  13. Day 6 - The Good Looking Discount Cam was right, I was quite apprehensive about this mission and that's saying something since I was in direct sales 6 years ago, so I used to talk to strangers about business opportunities on a weekly basis, but I guess this is what happens when you've been out the game for a while. Anyway, I went to Starbucks on my lunch break and ordered a hot chocolate, and asked for a 10% discount, the gentlemen was like "sorry?" and I said my apologies don't worry about it. Overall it was a good experience, we chatted a bit about Captain America and the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.
  14. Day 28- 1/7/19 Wow, can't believe it's been 4 weeks since I decided to stop playing video games. It's crazy to think how much there is still to do when I am not tying my attention up in a video game, so lately I haven't had too much trouble with urges to play, but I will remain vigilant because I know each and every day is different. Today is my last day being unemployed, I start my new work from home job tomorrow with the company I had left back in august of last year.. how ironic. I still have some concerns, 1 it's seasonal, 2 it pays less than what I was making the last time I worked there. I am also sad because we have to put my son back in daycare and I have enjoyed being with him everyday since September. I am not looking forward to getting back in the cadence of getting up early taking Ben to let someone else to raise him working for a company I don't like, and then picking him up. But we need this job and God has reminded me that work is a gift. I am hoping I either get moved onto a long term project or I find a full time work from home position that does not require me to be on the phone. I woke up late again today, but I did not let that stop me from meditating and running and I happy I stuck with it and didn't let my late start be an excuse. I forgot to schedule my week yesterday, so did that this afternoon, and having a job that requires 8 hrs of my day made scheduling a little easier. I made my vision board today and am excited about day 6 of the challenge. The slight edge has been really helpful, I keep repeating to myself, anyways, it's time to wrap things up here at home so I can get my son to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.
  15. Day 5 - Morning Success Routine Part 2 I got off to a good start yesterday, the morning routine went great and we were on time for church. But due to the fact I spent most of the early afternoon cooking and my wife and son went to hang out with her boss, I decided to relax and watch The Clone Wars on Netflix and eat some pizza. Once my wife and son returned, she and I played Skip Bo til 10:30 and although I tried to do my devotional I was just too tired, I also didn't do the day 5 challenge yesterday, which is why I did it today. I'm actually not beating myself up too much about it, which is a change of pace because usually I get really downcast when I miss days in things like this, but I told myself that doing the challenges were the main point and life happens so it's ok if I don't complete the challenge in 30 consecutive days. Anyways, I attached the vision board I made if you want to check it out. 10 things I am grateful for: sticking to the c25k workout for the second day my son that my call center headset works chicken and wild rice soup the nice weather we had today the deep and honest conversation my wife had last night sweatpants that my ankles and calves don't feel as stiff as they did yesterday for a washer machine that works for the garbage pickup service we pay for Days: 18, 446
  16. Day 26 - 1/5/19 had a great day today completed week 1 day 1 of the couch to 5k program, i was definitely struggling but upon returning home, i felt that runner's high spent most of the day out with my wife and son we ate a favorite restaurant of ours for breakfast, went to the mall and then went to target I cooked dinner and it turned out pretty good played skip bo and rivals of catan with my wife and won both games. ? i'm looking forward to starting my new morning routine tomorrow, the game quitters challenge has been great so far.
  17. Day 4 - Morning Success Routine part 1 due to my work from home schedule and my son starting daycare, plus wanting to complete the couch to 5k program, I am doing a slightly different morning routine every other day I day - inside day starts tomorrow, 1/6/19 6am wake up and meditate in the bathroom for 10 mins 6:10-6:30 : shower and get dressed 6:30-7: read a personal development book 7-7:20: get ben ready for the day 7:20-7:40 take ben to preschool 7:40-8am GQ challenge or a devotional 8am eat breakfast O day- outside day 6am wake up and meditate in bathroom for 10 mins 6:10-6:40: run/c25k workout 6:40-7: shower 7-7:20: get ben ready 7:20-7:40 take ben to preschool 7:40-8am: GQ challenge or a devotional 8am eat breakfast
  18. Day 25 -1/4/19 still sleeping in, really need to get myself up earlier bought the slight edge today, looking forward to actually reading through the book this time been tracking how much water i've been drinking, i'm shooting for 84 oz a day and am happy with the results from drinking more water
  19. Day 3 - The Slight Edge I learned, well I was reminded that I have what it takes to succeed already and that it is the unseen little daily disciplines that are the key to succeed. I am hoping to apply this not only with reading, but running and maybe drawing one day.
  20. Day 24 - 1/3/19 been sleeping in way too much, not feeling these late starts picked my project for the next 30 days, couch to 5k, really nervous about it and i hope to stick with it still think i'm afraid to do something with web development, really hard to do the pre work i am supposed to be doing before class next month
  21. Day 2 - Select My Project I was exhausted yesterday so didn't do day 2 challenge yesterday, but since January has 31 days, I figured I still be ok. So my project for this month is going to be the Couch to 5k program. The first 30 days should get running ingrained as a habit, so I will start another project next month while finishing up the Couch to 5k program. This is my impossible list: Visit all 50 states surf in Hawaii cross the Sahara desert go skydiving perform at Carnegie Hall be a successful freelancer produce an album build a pc run a half-marathon become debt free Days: 18,450
  22. Day 22- 1/1/19 Sorry it's been so long since i posted, been busy with the holidays good news is i have not played a video game at all, so I am 22 ays clean! i still struggle with boredom and still err on consumption like activities like watching YouTube or reading fiction and I haven't done much of the creative activities like web development or music production i finished my first Lego set in years - the London Architecture set. I bought the gamequitters challenge and day 1 was today so I am excited what new things i will learn my wife and i are also doing a 30 day devotional on marriage and I am looking forward to growing our marriage further doing this time. IMG_0649.heic
  23. Dear Me, It's New Year's day and while I am hopeful for 2019 I still have regret clouding my mind about the latter half of 2018. I feel like I squandered a lot of opportunities and became lazy and undisciplined. The Lord has provided for my family and I so we haven't paid the price for my mistakes but still I feel like I wasted a good portion of the year and I do not like that feeling. Despite my achievement of becoming a Twitch affiliate in October 2018, I feel like that whole game, the social media, the supporting other streamers, and of course, my own desire to play more games, ultimately burned me out and I have come to the conclusion that the current version of me is unable to balance my responsibilities and a pastime like video games. It pains me to say it because many people said that I always lit up when talking about video games and I was hoping to make a career out of it, but alas my family is more important to me and I need to be able to be the person who can shepherd a family. I want to be more attentive and focused as well as productive and creative and I do not feel like I can be these things while playing video games. Here's to 2019 being the year of change--- lasting change, Warrick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People's perceptions of me I believe that people see me as anti-social and that I am too hard on myself. I believe that people perceive me as a nerd and a video game enthusiast. I would like to be perceived as someone who loves Jesus, who works hard, and loves his family. I would like to be perceived as someone who cares for others and enjoys life. Three characteristics I would Like to Change 1. improve my self-discipline and self-control 2. love sacrificially 3. stop rambling Estimated days left: 18,452.
  24. Thanks for chiming in and setting me straight. I reposted to my original thread.