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    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hey Matt, Have you made a decision regarding my inquiry? Thanks, Jada.
  2. Cjada

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hi! I'm Jada Caldwell, a staff reporter of my high school's newspaper. I am doing a factual article about video game addiction, in order to bring awareness to it. A few of my family members exhibit warning signs, and while it hasn't progressed to a true addiction, it is definitely concerning. I read quite a few different entries from people on this forum, but your story resonated with me the most. I would really love to interview you for my article if that is something you'd be interested in doing. The interview would be conducted over email, and I promise I'll try not to throw too many questions at you. If what I'm saying is in anyway appealing to you, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!