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    My Gaming Addiction Story

    It's no problem! Sleep is important. I can wait until tomorrow.
  2. Cjada

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Awesome! And email ([email protected]) please.
  3. Cjada

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hello! You can absolutely see the questions first. Obviously, you're definitely more busy than I am, but for me it is college application season, so I completely understand. If you do choose to answer them, you can be anonymous. Please tell me if you are unable to view the attached file. VGA Questions.pdf
  4. Cjada

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hey Matt, Have you made a decision regarding my inquiry? Thanks, Jada.
  5. Cjada

    My Gaming Addiction Story

    Hi! I'm Jada Caldwell, a staff reporter of my high school's newspaper. I am doing a factual article about video game addiction, in order to bring awareness to it. A few of my family members exhibit warning signs, and while it hasn't progressed to a true addiction, it is definitely concerning. I read quite a few different entries from people on this forum, but your story resonated with me the most. I would really love to interview you for my article if that is something you'd be interested in doing. The interview would be conducted over email, and I promise I'll try not to throw too many questions at you. If what I'm saying is in anyway appealing to you, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!