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  1. I relapsed recently too - been on and off the last 3 weeks. Really want to quit again. Good luck to you. You can do it!
  2. Once you have an addiction, it's incredibly difficult to moderate it. Think of Alcoholics Anonymous... they don't ever recommend moderating, it's basically got to be quit cold turkey. But you can't quit cold turkey without a lot of support, and a very specific plan on how to move forward. I really recommend purchasing the reclaim program. https://gamequitters.com/reclaim/ You only have a few more years to influence him before he moves out of the house, if you can help him break his addiction, and get new goals and hobbies into his life, that will be the best thing you can do as a parent. You need to set some specific frameworks in place to make it happen, and it will be a lot of hard work - it's not easy to change habits and addictions. For myself, I have a highly addictive personality and played a lot of games through my teens and twenties. I now have 3 children, ages 6, 8, and 10. I played a lot of games when they were younger and noticed that they were also becoming addicted to games, always asking when they could play, etc. What I've learned is that using video games as rewards for chores, etc. is a terrible idea, and just makes things worse. Having a set amount of time works ok... but lately we've decided to just give up games 100% in our household, including myself. This has been the best, and they are much more balanced happy kids as a result. Good luck! Cheers, Jeremie