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  1. Dear friends,

    It is Day 54/90 in my detox.  I have decided to continue my journal privately from hereon.  This will allow me to spend less time online.  Leaving the forums wad a tough decision to make because I have received generous support and feedback from many of you.  But I sense that most members here are in a stage of life that I have already gone through.  For example, starting university or a new career or mostly males in the younger generation.  I am grateful that we all shared the same goal to overcome addiction to video games.  However, I think that we also have very different life goals.

    You might ask "Well, how will you survive the urge to game without a support group?  I originally decided to join another no-gaming forum to attend their monthly meetings, but instead I am going to keep myself in check by leaning on my sisters for support.  They are the closest confidantes I have and understand my struggle.  

    I am forging a new and better life, in the meantime.  I'm still in dragon boat racing and my knitting group. As well, I found out that one of my closest childhood friends is moving back here from Korea.  We have spoken through Skype and I have told her about my detox.  Thankfully she felt proud that I was overcoming this obstacle. So, in some weird fated unfolding, I also gained another person whom I can confide in.  It will be awesome having her back in my life again.  I am so grateful for a solid support group.  

    Take care, everyone.  Even if you relapse, you can still push forward and gain strides in life.  It doesn't mean you have failed.  It's what life is all about.



    1. JustTom


      Good luck! You've been such a huge support for the folks here - feel free to stop by in case things go bumpy.

      Have an awesome life!^^

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