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  1. DAY # 23 Time I woke up: 07:30 am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 1:00am Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ Gave and incredible lesson to my students about Javascript. - Had sex with a pretty girl. - Made a new business contact. Summary of Day #16: Really nice day. I woke up with a beautiful girl spooning me and telling me "Good morning handsome". It felt nice. Then I went to the school, and my students loved my lesson. At the end of the day, and old friend contacted me asking for web design project quote, we seemed really interested. Yesterday I bought a ticket to Europe. I leave on Monday. So damn excited. What I am grateful for: - Have the money and time to travel Europe. - Have people around me that appreciate me. - My students, such a lovely girls.
  2. Really great insight! A few weeks ago, I had the same insight as you did. Now, the challenging part. What do you think you are good at? AKA: Your passion.
  3. Hey! Just came to say hello. Congrats on having the courage to start the journal. If I may, a piece of advice. Creating a new habit is hard. So you wrote 4 options: Why don't you start just with one and keep it constant for 10 days. Then add another one. Cheers!
  4. I don't mind at all, I think is a mix between option number 1 and 2. Thanks! ---- Holly sh*t, it's been a while! Happy new year by the way. I went to the beach in the holidays, so I barely could connect to anything. There are plenty of good news. This is day 16 with out video games, not event smartphone video games. I feel so damn powerful right now. I learned to surf on holidays. I have really big plans for 2018. My ex contacted me BTW, actually we went to the beach together. We are trying to fix things. I have not told her about the girl that I hook up with meet on the time that we did not were together. I probably never will ---- I will constantly update from now on. So: DAY # 16 Time I woke up: 07:00 am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:00pm Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ Gave and incredible lesson to my students about Javascript. - Had a huuuuge feedback session with myself about 2017. And realized how much I learned in 207. - As part of my 2018 plans, contacted 4 old friends to do business or have a friendship. - Planned my trip to Europe for the following month. (Fixed passport issues also) Summary of Day #16: It was a really productive day. At work I gave a really cool lesson to my students, they really like my classes. I am grateful for that. It's been tempting not to play games, my GF just gave the the mario kart deluxe and I want to play it so badly. But I am committed to the 90 days so I'll wait. I am feeling do tired in the afternoons, I need more energy, not sure how to get it yet. Also, at work, I asked for a raise. I really need it. They approved it but we need to negociate the amount. What I am grateful for: - Having a really cool job. - Found the book that I am currently reading : "33 strategies of war". Really cool. - Had those extra 2 hours to take a really energising nap. ---- As extra, I would like to share a picture with you guys: This is me with my GF in Sayulita, México. An incredible beach i recommend you all to go. -- Happy new year to everyone.
  5. DAY # 5 Time I woke up: 08:00 am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 1:00am Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ Gave and incredible lesson to my students about Javascript. ~ Make out with a beautiful girl. ~ Bonded really well with my co workers. ~ Made 2 new friends. Summary of Day #: it was a really good day. Last work day of the year, so I really focused with my students to commit my self about their learnings. Also I asked out a girl that I really liked from a few months ago. She instantly said yes. Went to a bar, had some wine, then make out at my apartment. It was awesome. What I am grateful for today: ~ Have an incredible team at work. ~ Having this job that allows me to improve my self every day. ~ I went to eat this awesome stake. It was beautiful. ~ The feeling that I am getting my life back on track.
  6. Hey there! I just came to join you in the adventure of quitting video games. I totally got your frustration about trying to quit games before, but I can do it this time! just as you are! It is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing that. I piece of advice, if I may: Don't try. Do or do not there is no try. Just as Yoda said. If you say try, you are inconsistently setting barriers for yourself, witch they should not be there. Start the protect. Write in your blog. But do it. Those are the first steeps to create strong confidence. See you around!
  7. Hello! I just came to join you in the adventure of quitting video games. You have 22 days advantage so I'll learn a lot from you Really good vibes to you, you wife and dog! See you around!
  8. Hey dude! I just came to join you in the adventure of quitting video games. You have 45 days advantage, so I'll learn a lot from you See you around!
  9. Day 2 - Respawn | Emotions I am feeling Angry with her. Angry with myself. Lonely Excited about the future. This song perfectly describes about how I feel right now:
  10. Day 2 - Respawn | Why I want to quit video games. To stop procrastinating. To read more. To discover new social activities. To have the time to learn how to be a better educator (I am an school teacher). To be a best engineer. To have the time to finish college. (I never did). To allow myself to be bored and discover new activities that I like. To be more disciplined with my self.
  11. Hell yeah! -- Day 2 - Feeling boring and lonely I miss gaming. I miss my girlfriend. I finished today my work day bored. I am a school teacher and right now were are grading to our students. It is incredibly boring Reading: https://gamequitters.com/video-series-3, says that this is normal. Dopamine levels released by video games are high. Not cool. After my exhausting day I just wanted to do 2 things: Cuddle with her. Ask about her day. But I am also committed to not reach her. She finished the relationship. She needs the space. Right after, I wanted to play LoL. (As I usually did, avoiding dealing with my emotions) Instead I just decided to sleep. Cry a little bit. Let the pain go. Acknowledge that life is a learning curve. It never ends. You never stop learning, because you never stop living. I tried before to quit video games. My record was 54 days. This time will be 90. Possibly for ever, now I don't feel alone. Having this journal is amazing! -- Also, I just got Re spawn. I'll share my learnings tomorrow.
  12. Day 1 - Why I play Under @WorkInProgress advice, I watched the video series videos. Cam asks about why you play. It took me a while to figure it about,but I think I have the answer. To escape reality. Some times I need to an escape from my emotions (instead of dealing with them). Did I just had a fight with my girl friend? Its easier to play LoL. Am I feeling angry because I am procrastinating way to much? It is better to open Titan Fall. Because it is easier to feel that you are doing something good. Wanna level up in LoL? Just play a few hours and you will ge this new item, this new character. Wanna get cool abs? Work your ass 6 months on the gym. Its harder. Way way harder. Because I don't have anything better to do. It is OK to be bored. It is not OK to fulfill this time with activities where you don't learn nothing. I should be reading, or practicing my social skills, or climbing a damn mountain. Not playing Battlefront the whole freaking weekend. I still miss my girlfriend. But as @Some Yahoo and @Mimetic suggested, I will became the best version of myself. I just need the time and patience with my self. Your responses have been amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  13. Thank you very much for your comments! LoL support just contacted me asking me if I was sure about this decision. But reading your comments helped me alot to confirm what I wanted to do.
  14. Day 0 - Before sleep. I'll gain momentum. I just deleted my League of Legends account and steam for ever. I tried to this (video game quiting) before, but this time I feel that it is going to work.
  15. Today, my girl friend dumped me. She never said why, but my intuition tells me the reason. I spend to much time playing damn video games. I can do better, way much better. After thinking a while I decided to take the 90 days detox. I am 25, I can't be wasting my friday nights on stupid video games any more. So Steam, H1Z1, Call of Duty, Titan Fall, SWOTOR, SW BattleFront, all gone. I just wipped my computer from that crap. It is going to be hard, I know. But I can do this. Day 0. Uninstalled everything. I am not sure yet what to do with all this free time but I don't care. I'll plan tomorrow what to do.
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