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  1. I will try it out and let you know if it works for me. Thanks for advice. Looks like I have a lot to read about. Thanks for suggestion, Bob. #Day 24 - I Should Do Something Else I installed Steam today. And played some games on that device. Wasted about 5 hours on games. I should cut down on it. Maybe trying to play one card game, I mean one ranked game per day is a solution here?
  2. It already took it. But not anymore. I want the change. My brain wants something else though. Well, screw the brain. I have my own priorities in life. Day #23 - Wasted Day I played again. For a couple of hours. That is it for me. I am moving forward. I am neglecting basic things to do and my daily activities. Not anymore. No more wasting time. No matter how hard it will be, I will manage to do it.
  3. I surely will. I have to beat this score. I want to gain freedom from addiction. Day #22 - Back To Old Habits I did played for two hours on Sunday. Still I have some time with my friends. I see that I am not doing my duties as responsibly as I did during detox.
  4. True. I really appreciate this relationships I will not tell anybody about it. Day #21 - Relapse Looks like the wall I built just ruined. I still want to write here about how I feel, because I am consistent about it. Couple of hours spent on video games. I felt much different than before. Like this time I can manage to moderate. Like it is all about me, not the addiction.
  5. Speed of implementation, as I heard. Good to know. I have to implement it How about some writing about my dreams from previous night? Or taking dog for a walk? Day #20 - Friends again I spent some time today with friends I did not have time before because of gaming. That is awesome. We spent couple of hours talking about what happened last couple of months. They have a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, I was only a good listener. I cannot say them, that I played video games for last years. I cannot make myself a self-pitying victim. This is not me anymore.
  6. Sure, sometimes you can tell them about how you feel. This gives a lot of reassurance. I am trying to do my best here. I appreciate your encouragement. Day #19 - Morning routine It is time to start a new morning routine. I made my own to feel more present during the morning. First I make my bed. Then I drink some water. Next, I have a shower and then I eat good breakfast. Then I am ready to go. What can I add to make my routine better?
  7. We have more and more in common, Bob. Day #18 - At Least 1 Friend I realized today that I still have one best friend. We know each other for years and we have so many things in common. For me this is something I did not realized before. That is a lot, I should be grateful for that. One friend is enough especially if it is a really best friend. I should see more things. Things to be gratitude for.
  8. I will not give up. Rejection does not scare me. I do not like excuses. I have to face them, though. Expanding social circle might help. Thanks for advice. Day #17 - Hiking I have a day free to spend on hiking. I really like this activity. There is a lot to explore, a lot to see and many places to visit. I think I will do it more consistently. So many places to visit, even around my neighbourhood. I was inside my house so long that I did not seem them.
  9. True, I did some contacts refreshments today. I do not want to be isolated anymore. Day #16 - Friend Is Gone I have been rejected multiple times today. I felt really good until that rejection I get from people I trusted. I got rejected from my mentor, couple of friends. I tried to be a proactive person and make a meeting with them. Even my grandmother did not have time to talk to me. Friend from yesterday screwed me too. I feel lost and lonely again. I am just like White Raven. No one really wants to at least spend time with me. Although I was very productive today I feel emptiness and void.
  10. Good idea. I have to try hip hop out. Or any other dance style. Something in pairs is what interest me most. That is right. I have to try as many activities as possible until I am young. Day #15 - Easier said than done I met a friend of mine accidentially. I did not even expected that. I am still surprised. We have been not seeing each other for years. This friend is not a gamer, and we lost contact before. My gaming issue is one of the reason. Probably. I want to stay in contact with my friend. She inspires me to life the live to the fullest. An example of being proactive person. It is easier said than done, because she is college student in different town. So, for the most time of the year, we have long road ahead to see each other.
  11. I am thinking about going to dance classes. I always wanted to go and dance in the party, but was too shy for doing that. #Day 14 - Dance Dance Revolution I have to say it, I tried it out. Two songs, and I was diminished. I do not feel bad for that, I do not feel relapsed. It was during an event in my city. I want to learn dancing in a real way. And I am going to do so. Dance classes, here we go.
  12. I will keep that in mind, pal. Exactly, yes. Double agreement. Day #13 - Nightcore It looks like a trigger to me - listening to this whole nightcore music. It is sped up well-known songs which are really fast. They are giving me lots and lots of positive emotions during listening and somehow reminds me about gaming. How does it really work - I do not know.
  13. I want to be free just like the bird. Easier for you to become game free. Day #12 - Perseverance I want to be more persevere. I have to. How otherwise I will be able to deal with this addiction? I have to. I have to face it, not escape it. So, perseverance is the key.
  14. Sure, I do not want to espace into video games. I have to learn how to deal with life difficulties without them. Day #11 - Dreams about gaming I have a dream about relapsing last night. Horrible idea. Probably caused by my friends, I came to my friend's house and people were watching cinematic trailers of new video games. Horrible idea, however we watched only about 5-10 minutes of them. It did not triggered me. I treated it as movie trailers. Then we spend some good time on board games. I feel better after writing this here.
  15. I cannot wait for a time to enjoy other activities more. Just detox, detox, detox and everything will become normal. Day #10 - two digit number Finally I have ten percent of my detox behind me! It is really great to see that I am still into it. It is not so much pain as in the beginning. I must be patient and stay focused right now. So, let me be more patient with everything when the pain hits me and when difficult time appear. I want to manage everything during that time. I have to, I just have to.
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