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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. I agree with you that porn seems to be one of the hardest addictions, at least for me. So many triggers. Keep the good job, Moe and Mett. One day we can all say we're free from all these addictions!
  2. Welcome Jess! I wish you good luck on your journey and stay strong! You can do it.
  3. Hey spearcrab, welcome! Good luck in your journey, you can do it!
  4. Thank you, Mettermrck and Cam! I'm enjoying my stay here. For me, the most important thing right now is to discover myself everyday - try to find new things, do something I never thought I'd do...it's really satisfying. I don't know if anyone posted this here, but this old article (2001) from Gamasutra named Behavioral Game Design helped me a lot. I never thought games in general (especially those so old) would have such research on human psychology, it shocked me in a good way because I felt like a lab mouse. It's incredible how anything is taken into consideration in order to maximize your goals, for good of for "not that good". Maybe it can help someone. It seems like I condemn games with all my heart, but don't get me wrong - games aren't for me.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently using my most common IGN in the past, but today I can say I disassociated it from the gaming world. I created this account to say thank you to Cam and everyone involved. I discovered Game Quitters in October 2017, when I was trying to stop gaming definitely, but unsuccesfully. As many have said through internet, I tried to stop several times but I always came back to my old life: 24/7 gaming, no social life, no interest in having a life/job; only worried about the next set I was trying to grind and war to command. To add into the mix, I had depression for 6 years and started watching porn more frequently. For some reason I still don't know, after watching some videos from GQ, I decided to leave this life for good, after 15 years of tons of MMORPGs. I saw myself alone in a pit, asking myself 'why?'. I remember the day my mom asked about what I really enjoyed besides games, and I remained silent. It shocked me in a way I would never had this answer again to her. I decided going cold turkey for it. Man, it was the best thing I did. It wasn't easy, as each one of you can notice in your stop playing process, but I finally found the strenght to overcome this issue. July 1st will complete 8 months without games (playing them + watching streams etc), and you know what? You can do it too! Don't give up. There's something funny (if I can call it that way): immediately after I stopped gaming, TV in Brazil started broadcasting more and more championships of games you know. I only say 'never again"! I started filling my free time with a second graduation this year (in Law, which I'm loving it!), searching for a job and going to the gym, making some friends in the process. In my opinion, the most important thing is to fill your time with different activities. Use internet in your favor, watch videos of something random; you never know what you may like. As an example, I never expected I would like caligraphy/handwriting so much. I don't have a beautiful caligraphy, working on it. Another example is cooking, which I'm a rookie. haha My next step is to overcome cut porn out of my life, however it's harder than I thought. lol ... Not giving up tho. Thanks for your time reading this. Since an unknown person helped me overcoming gaming, with my experience I could motivate someone out there to continue with their battle. Have a nice day!