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  1. Day 18 Being productive at work, working towards my goals. CGAA meeting yesterday was amazing, i will go for another one today. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  2. Thanks for your reply Pochatok ❤️ Day 17 Still not playing games ❤️ I joined a CGAA meeting today, gotta do more of that, was amazing. Lots of work today ❤️ Wish u a great day ❤️
  3. Day 15 Still not playing games, thankfully. I try to reply to posts on reddit everyday. Not giving too much advice, just thanking them for sharing and asking questions. Problem with reddit is that we dont know what happens to the people who decide to quit. Do they relapse? I want to stay in touch. Wish u a great day ❤️
  4. Day 14 New day without playing games. Praying for serenity and productivity. Day is going good, getting work done. Wish u a great day ❤️
  5. Day 13 New day without games. I'm happy that we are taking this journey, becoming better versions of ourselves. Anyone can fall into addiction, but we admit this to ourselfs and try to build ❤️ Wish u a great day ❤️
  6. Day 12 New day staying clean ❤️ In the morning I always watch new and read news. Usually it is a fun way to start the morning, together with some coffee and breakfast. However, sometimes the news make me upset af. My mind starts racing and i think angry thoughts. Especially if the news are about increasing taxes XD this happened today, and I lose much of my ability to concentrate on work when im upset. I need to be calm to work effectively. Maybe it would be better for me to just stop watching news. Most of the times i enjoy it but sometimes, like today, it F
  7. Day 10 Still staying clean. My new focus will be: - Working & investing - Gym - Flight license - Meditation and spiritual work But, im human. I can't become perfect over night. One thing at a time
  8. Day 9 Still staying clean, one day at a time. I will work a bit and bond with gf today. A few weeks ago i saw my gf crying because of me playing too much. I quit that day but relapsed later. not even her tears helped me stay clean. i want to stay clean.
  9. Day 8 Thanks for letting me keeping a journal here. I know it is not the most detailed but it helps me stay clean. Today i will try to relax, not work too much. Also i will do my best to stay off games today, one day at a time. Wish u a great friday! Stay clean with me ❤️
  10. Day 6 Thanks for your reply Jason. So far I haven't played with him (yet). I know even "friendly playing" easily turns into compulsion and isolation for me. I will try to stay away. New day new posibilities. I will try to stay present and stay off games, experience this day ❤️
  11. Day 5 New day were i pray i will not play games. I want to stay in the real world experience the things around me. I want peace of mind, serenity, and productivity. Thanks for letting me keeping a journal here. Wish u a great day ❤️
  12. Day 4 My brother bought an xbox and wants to play with me online. I probably cant refuse playing with him a bit. I pray i will not get stuck in these destructive behaviours. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  13. Day 3 New day. I pray i will not play games today. Finishing some work before monday. Also want to have nice dinner with GF for valentines day Wish u all a great day ❤️
  14. Day 2 Getting dressed, ready to go to office. Going to work and relax, drink coffee. I pray that i will not play games today.
  15. I got work to do, fun work, still im stuck playing Bloons TD on my computer, what am i doing srs time to uninstall again uninstalling for the 4th time.... healthy? i think not. Talk about messing things up for myself, gaming and getting a headache, not even (that) fun.... destructive tendencies Instead i could do something productive, gym, socialize, work, study flight license, all these things I value, but no, caught by a game that is about monkeys destroying baloons. 30 y.o. man, like dafuq. This is far past due. Uninstalled now, time to relax a bit, buy energy drin