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  1. @PochatokThanks for your post ❤️ Day 1 At the office trying to get some things done. I keep getting better. Thanks for letting me keep a journal here.
  2. Day 1 I had an awful few days. From wednesday and forward i felt continiously low. Relapse into gaming didn't help either. I hate to complain but that's the truth. I seem to have periods like this a few times per year. I just get low and cant get out of it. Not easily at least. I'm trying to identify why it happens. Maybe it is just an seldom recurrent clinical "mini-depression". Symptoms are usually: - Apathy - Anxiety - Low productivity/No productivity - Turning of phone, scared to answer/look at phone - Not cleaning apartment, everything becomes a mess - Sleeping a lot - A lot of self-criticism. "I'm ugly, I'm worthless" etc - Hiding inside apartment, not going out Today i feel slightly better. At the office getting some things done after hiding from everything for days. I'm still not back to "normal" though. I can feel it in my body. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  3. Day 5 Hello peeps, thanks for letting me keep a journal here ❤️ New day at office. I will do my best to be productive today, moving my life forward, one step at a time Wish u all a great day ❤️
  4. Day 4 New day, working towards my goals, staying (somewhat) frugal and contributing to an overambitious pension plan. Getting closer to finishing my google marketing certificate. It has been really interesting. Looking forward to the next steps in my journey of learning digital marketing. I think it is crucial for anyone who want to start a blooming business, no matter the field. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  5. @Pochatok @Jason70 @Ethan Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful replies ❤️ Day 3 New day, at the office getting some things done before monday. Drinking coffee and generally feeling pretty peaceful Todays schedule is work, studies and maybe dinner with friends Wish u all a nice day ❤️
  6. Day 1 Another relapse yesterday. I'm not sure I am willing to give up gaming in certain social settings. Specifically console games on TV with friends irl. However, it becomes a difficult distinction. Should i draw a line between "healthy" and "unhealthy" gaming? It is just too difficult for my addicted brain to try to make such rules. I would easily bend these rule and go back to compulsive gaming. Enough rambling. As time goes by i am confident that i will find solutions. Happy to not be playing games today. Happy to not be in the prison-like grip of grinding and ignore my life, family, friends.
  7. Thanks @Jason70❤️ Day 14 Staying clean from games. Today is business as usual, work and trying to be productive. Plan to hang out with some friends in the evening. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  8. Day 13 New day! Feeling a bit tired, everything is going slow. But I appreciate what I do regardless. This is 100% better than being stuck in gaming. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  9. Day 11 New day at office. I'm happy that I have a working place and collegues that i really enjoy. My boss is awesome too 😃 Wish you all a great day. I will not play games today ❤️
  10. Day 10 At office, drinking my energy drink. Nice to be here doing some productive things today. Wish u all a day without playing games ❤️
  11. @Jason70Thanks for your concern ❤️ quite the opposite, we are talking about how to stay clean 🙂 Day 9 Sometimes i feel unmotivated, then i remember that my future-self would probably have wanted me to be productive today. And some day i will be in that future regardless if i want it or not. Arrived at the office and I will try to get some things done today, mainly google marketing course online and flight license studies. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  12. Day 7 Being grateful for not playing games. Productive day, same as yesterday. Tonight I have sponsor call with work in Narcotics anonymous. We will probably talk about gaming as well. Wish u all a great day ❤️
  13. Day 6 Feeling great to not be playing games. I don't miss the compulsive gaming and headaches, feelings of guilt e.t.c. Thank god for being free just for today. Productive day, studying Google Marketing and updating the company website. Also going to do some chargeable work before the day ends. Tonight it will be movie time share-screen with my fiance on distance ❤️ Also maybe dinner with a friend Thanks for letting me keep a journal here ❤️
  14. Day 4 New day, i pray i will not play games today. Not too much to do at work today. I will spend the day study for "Google marketing certificate". It will be useful both now (to get more work) and future business. Also might study some aviation theory. Wish u a great day ❤️
  15. Thanks @Pochatok 🙂 Day 3 New day new chances. My guests left yesterday. It was great having them here. Slept a lot and now i'm at office, getting a few productive hours before night. It seems like i will get my medical certification for pilots soon. It has been a hassle. Looking forward to start off my first lessons for UL-plane. I do not have much to do at work right now. No deadlines close by. But my philosophy is that there are always productive things to do to take my life forward. We'll see how far I get tonight, but I plan to study flight theory and brainstorm a bit before future business Wish u a great day ❤️