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    thank you
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    Apa kabar!
    I failed my first detox to i was self employed and couldn't find the Will power to stay away. I wish i could have i might have been able to stay in that field. 
    You can do it man just concentrate on the heat in your country. When i stayed there for a month without ac i didn't touch a game because i was dying of heat lol
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    Mar's journal
    DAY # - 6
    Time I woke up: 0815
    Time I went to sleep yesterday:  0001
    Physical task: lift weights at the gym
    Mental task: practice python
    Projects: free writing
    Miscellaneous accomplishments: 
    ~ didn't eat any candy or dessert
    ~ job interview

    Summary of Day #:woke up drove to my job interview went well but not enough pay, came home and ate lunch hit the gym and now I'm at work.
    What I am grateful for today: i have a job and I'm not living in the streets
    ~ my wife loves me
    ~ i have enough money for this internet connection 
    ~ my car runs
    ~ my dad is a great person
    Over and out! 
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  4. Marsaray added a post in a topic Looking for accountability partner for fitness and eating right, 29, male, university or high stress job   

    Can i join you guys to? I'm pretty skinny fat and I've just begun working out again I'd love some motivation to exercise in the morning instead of having a cup of coffee first thing. I'm from Missouri 28 married and I'm working every day recently to make money for our wedding reception. 
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