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Looking for a therapist/psychologist with game addiction experience in California


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Not sure if it is okay to ask this here, but I figured I'd try. I found some great recommendations on this website, gamequitters.com, but none of them were in CA and my insurance only covers practices in California for mental health stuff. I tried googling but couldn't really find anything concrete except this website.


In case it matters, what I'm specifically trying to accomplish at the moment is dealing with my inability to let go of the need to do limited time stuff. I stopped playing Dota 2 about 6-7 months ago because the last Battlepass had me playing instead of working on my PhD research (in order to get through the massive cavern crawl asap). I started playing Genshin Impact instead, which helped me move on, which was fine at first, but it turned out Genshin is also filled with constant mundane time sensitive tasks, way worse than Dota in that regard. A new Battlepass for Dota released, and in trying to find strategies to avoid getting it, I realised that I should probably drop both games. I don't overplay games though, never have done things like play 10 or more hours a day or playing days and days straight. During the last Dota Battlepass though, I found myself playing for like 4-5 hours/day and working on my thesis for like 10 hours/day, so I almost never slept and felt terrible and didn't enjoy either task. I think the specific areas that really get me are these:


[Artificial Scarcity](https://www.darkpattern.games/pattern/27/artificial-scarcity.html) 

[Daily Rewards](https://www.darkpattern.games/pattern/11/daily-rewards.html)

[Social Obligation](https://www.darkpattern.games/pattern/21/social-obligation-guilds.html)

[Playing by Appointment](https://www.darkpattern.games/pattern/10/playing-by-appointment.html)


I feel pretty confident in myself to drop both games, but I still think talking to someone would really help. If you happen to know anyone or any practice with experience in this stuff, please let me know!

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