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Memory issues


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Hi everyone, 


Im having a real hard time. I have been experiencing memory lapses and holes in my memory. Is this a symptom of a long time video game addiction? Its caused an issue with myself and my wife because it looks like im lying when i say i cannot remember doing something. 


Now im not even trying to say im innocent. She confronts me with the evidence that i did something. Usually something im not supposed to. My problem is dual in that i cannot remember doing so which is scary and also that i look like a liar.


Dishonesty has been a huge problem of ours leading up to this moment. I have massive issues with vulnerability and inadequacy. It's caused me to pursue video games to an unhealthy degree and to lie to the woman i love because I'm scared to just be myself. 


Can someone help me ?

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I can't honestly say I know the answer to your question about memory issues caused by gaming, but it does mesh with my experience, somewhat. I've spent much of the last two months actually reconstructing the history of the past ten years, including the prolonged death-throes of my own marriage. There's much that was . . . blurry.

(Cause and effect is complicated here, though I think it's fair to say I retreated into games largely to escape the tension and pain of the disintegrating marriage; the causes of its failure lay elsewhere.)

So, yeah, I guess it's possible that constantly chasing after distraction made me unfocused in all other aspects of my life, such that a lot of what I experienced didn't "take" in the form of readily retrievable memory. I just wasn't really paying attention.

I do have to ask: How old are you? I hate to even suggest that something else might be at issue, but if the memory issues don't start to clear up within a month or two after quitting gaming, and if they are making it difficult to function, you might do well to visit a neurologist.

Do give it time, though. Too much gaming really can do a number on the human brain, it seems!

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54 minutes ago, TrevorA said:

Im 31 years old. I had an appointment with a neurologist but because i can recognize a lion and draw a clock and i don't get lost in my own home; im not bad enough to warrant helping... 

Heh, yeah. I know whereof you speak. It's good that you've already ruled out early-onset dementia!

(I'm 52, and I've had a close relative die of Alzheimer's at the age of 84, so that's why it occurred to me as a possibility.)

Consider focusing on it as a problem of attention rather than one of memory as such. If your mind is elsewhere, caught up in gamer-world, you can easily miss a beat, here and there, including some beats that are important to people you love.

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