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The Biggest Mistake Young Men Make


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If there is anything more detrimental to a man's well-being and his success, it is modern video gaming or more specifically, competitive online video gaming that is widely available in every instance of life. At the core of these fantasy worlds is an addictive rewarding system, serving for one and only purpose, that is to engulf as much attention and engagement as possibles. These are the things that the gaming industry thrive on, your time, money and efforts, and whether you like it or not, it is designed to take away your focus from the reality to pursue the things that are pleasurable yet meaningless to the buildup of your life, as a human being and as a man.  


If you are someone who has purposes and ambitions in life, stepping into such a world is possibly one of the most wasteful thing you can do in terms of your valuable assets, that is your time, as well as your drive to succeed and achieve, and ultimately your potential in becoming the best version of yourself. This is assuming you do actually care and value yourself as a man who has things going on for himself, because if you don't then there is no reason for you to be complaining about how life sucks and unfortunate, how reality is unfair and depressing, and how you never truly happy about who you are and where you stand today. 


Understand that a man is defined by his purpose, and if competitive gaming is not it, then you are simply just wasting your life,  going nowhere and achieving nothing. There is no way around it. You, as a living being, are finite, and for every minute you spend in the gaming world is a wasted minute of you working on yourself and living your life as a man of value and potential. No amount of gaming can ever bring you the fulfilment and self-pride that your purpose can because there is a reason why it is called your purpose in life, your life's calling, your reasons for existing, and like achild, it requires the majority of your focus and attention in order to grow to into something beautiful and significant. 


Anything else that demands an additional investment of your life is not only an inteference but a lifetime enemy to your journey towards success. Competitive online gaming is certianly one of them, and in contrary to old-schooled video games, there exists no level of moderation that can be realistically obtainable because of how it is structured and engineered to constantly stimulate the male imperative, that is to progress and excel and compete, however in an artificially self-gratifying and never ending fashion. Men who choose to participate in such ystem often become so emotional and ego invested that they overlook the flaws of their artificial life and accept their way of living, always obssessed and chasing after dopamines. 


This is the trap for many young men today, so consumed and deluded of their existence in the online world that they don't even realize that this is only an emulation, an illusion of a life where they actually feel like going somewhere. But reality is catching up to them. The harshness of the world, the demand of societies and the needs of themselves as human being will eventually awaken them, to let them know how much much time has passed and to let them see nothing about them has changed nor improved. They are the same exact person, living the same mediocre life, and achieving nothing significant throughout the years of their youthful energy, where they we meant to create and build the foundation for their later social, sexual, financial and career life. 


Because of the nature of competitive gaming, it will likely occupy so much of your life that it makes you forget about the things that are important and meaningful to you.  At the end of the day, you have the freedom to choose whatever you want to do but knows that every choices you make comes with consequences. There is no free lunch. Who you are today is the product of your past decisions. Who you are tomorrow is the product of your today decision. So pick the path of life that you want to go, and take the full responsibility that comes with it, whether that is to live in mediocrity and complacency or to live in success and fulfilment. The choice is yours. 

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