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Stopping the avalanche, restoring my life

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To my fellow addicts out there, 


My gaming addiction is like an avalanche, I just need a trigger in the morning, either something on the PC or my phone and I could be gaming the entire day. I've tried to 'quit' gaming many times before, the longest of which lasted only two weeks. Especially these past few months it's gotten worse for me and my productivity has plummeted. I still have four exams this semester and am ill prepared to write them. I've always told myself that I can 'control' it when just playing with friends, or 'I can be productive later' bullshit. 

And I play a lot of shit as well. Biggest of which are dota2 and osu! (both inherently addictive), but also stuff like grand strategy games, shooters, MMOs, yada yada. I look back at those hours spent and only a fraction of them was I truly enjoying myself (mostly when playing with buddies) and the rest of it is just my monkey brain on autopilot. 

My goal is 67 days clean. Every day I'll write an entry in the morning and the evening (8 am/pm CET). Morning is my plan for the day, evening is the result. I don't expect myself to write bundles each time, but I want to update it regularly, even if it's just a sentence. Wish me luck. 

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