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Hello from another addicted person

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Hello people! i played secondlife since 2012 and in 2 weeks my avi is 9 years old with my first PC. And before even if i were playing everyday,it was easy for me to make 2-3 months of break from it. Then i played everyday again and mostly this game helped my stress and loneliness. 2018 for me there was most active and interesting. T. 2019 was silent and i don t talked much to people there, even my friend i had there wasnt talking with me much.In 2020 secondlife seemed to had way more people than ever. I played good day after day. But i never played more than 3 hours. Somewhere in may 2020 i met nice dude there , but screwed up really fast and this broke me a lot, i hurted person i liked,and felt bad for more around 3 months with hard panic attacks,etc. In November it became better and i found newer things to do there,i realized not much people want to know new people,so i dodnt made new friends there,and current ones are busy with theit own problems.I started to feel HEAVILY alone,i don t say this game supposed to entertain me ,but all my tries for new friend were failing. Before Happy new eyar i promised myself stop playing, but i was that strong just 4 days!this time i don t play just 1 day and feel weirdly bad..i have a job, basically no real friends...very sorry for too much text,just wanted to write all i have inside here and i hope for some little support..so the question....I think it s better to quit entirely before it s too late. thank you for reading this)

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Hi there! I wish you all the best for your journey in quitting games)
I remembered feeling lonely too for a long time and there were a few tips that helped me, for example trying to connect with other people (like you do) but also don't expect too much from them. One person/ people in general can't fulfill all your emotional needs. So be a good friend to yourself, leaving a bad habit like gaming behind is a good step towards it. Also find something like a purpose. Sometimes you have to read about inspiring stories to change the way you look at your life.
I hope this might help a little bit and also if you want to write a bit dont hesitate to message me.

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