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  1. Hi there! I wish you all the best for your journey in quitting games) I remembered feeling lonely too for a long time and there were a few tips that helped me, for example trying to connect with other people (like you do) but also don't expect too much from them. One person/ people in general can't fulfill all your emotional needs. So be a good friend to yourself, leaving a bad habit like gaming behind is a good step towards it. Also find something like a purpose. Sometimes you have to read about inspiring stories to change the way you look at your life. I hope this might help a little bit and also if you want to write a bit dont hesitate to message me.
  2. Hi all, my first attempt of quitting videogames and let them behind me for (hopefully) the rest of my life was about a year ago. Well, mainly because I didn't really search for new hobbies the pandemic put an end to this after two successfull months. Now I'm grateful that I found a promising guide and a community that will hopefully help me to create a sustainable change. I've been gaming since my early childhood, where also the first symptoms of addiction occured. It became worse in my teenager years and now I'm 25, recently playing games like Warzone or ESO on my Xbox. After putting away the Xbox to my parents home I switched to gaming on my PC and even playing mobile games. From an outsiders perspective my life maybe won't look that bad, studying near Frankfurt in Germany, working as a working student at a bank and having a few good friends outside the gaming world, but I know that gaming massively decreases my potential. For example I'm studying for 6 years now currently writing my (2nd attempt) of my bachelors thesis because last year i failed with that, I never had a girlfriend, etc... but there are of course a lot of areas in my life that are affected. My plan for now is to deal with the guide every day in the morning for 30 minutes. Looking forward to meet you and thanks for reading! Wali