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I get to do what I love now!

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I've had ups and downs since the last time I was here. But on Feb 2, 2021 I finally reached a milestone in my life.

Cars and trucks have been an interest of mine since I was a kid, building model cars with my mom. Video games really ruined that for a long time, but on Feb 2 this year I reached a high point in my life. I was accepted into the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training program for Heavy Duty Mechanics as a first year. No video game has ever given me such a proud feeling in my life. I've been so busy at work that I don't have time to play video games for hours because I'm too tired and quite frankly, not as interested. I can't play social games like MMO's anymore, but even when playing other games now I just get bored and want to be at work! It's hard and challenging, and the feeling of fixing something and being able to say I accomplished that is more satisfying than any game.

So to my GameQuitters family still struggling; find something you love that is challenging and rewarding and throw yourself into it. Don't give up if things don't work out right away, because the only thing we quit on is games.


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