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90 day challenge

Tomáš Kursch

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On 2/12/2021 at 9:42 AM, Tomáš Kursch said:

I was really bored yesterday, but I am proud that I made it, cravings were strong. Does anybody have any tips how to fill your free time? We still have covid lockdown in my country. 

Write five life goals. Make a tree for each goal. (What does this goal consist of)? 

Example: One goal is to get a swimmers physique. What does it consist of? Probably something in the lines of a diet, workout, fasting, technique & finding the right gear. Now do the same for each goal. Once you have this completely mapped out, make systems for each sub-goal. So for example a sub goal is diet. Write down a system such that you will never skip a meal plan. This system could be very simplistically designed. 

''At 07:00 am every morning, I will work out at my local gym until I did all the workouts on my to do list''. Make sure to add a time and a location. This is a proven method to increase your chances of success. If you mapped out 5 goals with each at least 5 sub-goals, you'll always have something to do. If you reached one of your five goals, you can either maintain it or chose a new goal. 

Try to focus on one task a time, don't try to multi task.

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