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100 days: From prattler to linchpin

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So I have completed  100 days without gaming( not even naive mobile games) and I feel good. Anyone who needs help and are at start of their journey can contact me for tips. Most important thing is that one should raise awareness that how gaming has effected you and how you can stop it. Respawn from Cam is a wonderful material to achieve this. Just watch videos of the guy if you cannot afford the program , they will also help you in raising your awareness.  And as of what changes did I see ?  For starters I am more happy with everything  around me (one could say ground realities) . I was jobless before this journey and I am also jobless now but I am not slandering myself for the situation . Now with this change I am more likely to act  to further improve my situation.  I am have also improved myself in N number of skills for example Cooking , Electronics Engineering   ,  Reading books , Journal-ling  and most important of is Socializing. I hope everyone could achieve all this in form or other. You deserve to be HEALTHY AND HAPPY !  

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