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Enyrgy's Daily Journal


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[Day #1]

One thing I'm grateful for

I'm grateful for the strong relationships I have with my family, friends, and partner.  Without them, I would be in much worse place.

One thing that went well

I've been texting all of my friends and family and talking with my partner this morning.  It's nice to still have those channels available.

One thing that I can improve

I can improve upon focusing at the workplace.  I feel like my vision of what I want to accomplish for my career has been derailed by the vicious cycle of self-sabotage.  I'd like to get that back on track and redefine it.

Today's goals

Complete the write-up I said I'd get done today for bringing Kotlin to my company and architecting the infrastructure.

Tomorrow's goals

Deep clean the apartment and organize all of my stuff since I have the day off.

Long-term vision

Own my responsibility.  Take it on fully.  Don't let my responsibilities fall by the wayside, because people depend on me.

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