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Offering you my online course of mindfulness meditation for free

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Hi all :)

I'm Filipe and this is my first post here.
Apart from being a final year medical student, I am also a meditation teacher (and of course practitioner). Gaming never really interfered with my studies, but it did limit the time that I gave to this other project of my life, and that is why I decided to greatly diminish it. As I've been practicing meditation for some years now and studying the mind, it was easier for me to understand how I could address this bit of a gaming addiction I had, but I still faced many challenges, and Game Quitters and Respawn proved a great help and insight-giver in this path. Now, I've finally been able to dedicate myself to this project and have launched my first online course!

I'm really happy about Game Quitters and I truly believe it can and does help many people overcome their gaming addictions and thus be able to lead better and happier lives. I am really grateful for it, and would like to also give my contribution and help, and this is why I have decided to share with you my meditation course for free! It is both a thank you and my way of helping you overcome this challenge that we all have faced - gaming addiction.

As I was reading Respawn, I saw that Cam recommends doing meditation to help quit gaming, and I, as a meditation practitioner and teacher, can only strongly agree. As Cam writes, it can really allow you to develop focus and calm anxiety, and I want to add that this kind of meditation - called mindfulness - is also all about being able to more consciously and intentionally direct our minds, rather than being taken by unconscious / automatic processes, which gives us greater possibility of choice about how we think, feel and act - and this is undoubtedly very helpful and determinant in overcoming our addictions, which are really established tendencies and patterns in us over which it can be very hard to gain control.

So, as I read this, I immediately decided I'd love to give you my course for free, and so here it is! This is an introductory course to mindfulness meditation where I will guide you step-by-step into learning and practicing mindfulness meditation in a practical, comprehensive and friendly way. It is designed to be completed over 4 weeks (but you can do it as you want) and hopefully by the end you will have begun feeling its first valuable benefits. I truly hope you take some benefit from it.

So, I have created 100 free coupons for you to use. If I see a lot of engagement, I will try to raise that number a bit :)
Just make sure to use it now, as the coupon is only valid for 3 days (I can't make it longer sadly). Then after you enroll, you'll have the course forever and you can do it when and as you want.
As a last note, I will of course be very grateful if you spread and share this course - after all it's my work! - but please, do not share the free coupon outside this community, as you will be taking it away from those who are actually part of it! If you wish you can freely use, share and spread this other 75% off coupon that is active this whole month: 75OFF_JUNE.

So here is your free coupon: GAMEQUITTERSFREE

Link to course: https://www.udemy.com/course/introduction-to-mindfulness-meditation-1/?referralCode=FC13C64A718B20F01D66

I hope you like it, and stay well :)

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